Videly Review 2021 ❇️ Big Bonuses, Discounts and FAQ 😱
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Hey my name is Phil and welcome to the channel  in today’s video we’re going to be reviewing a   product named Videly. and in this Videly review  I’m going to be sharing exactly what Videly is   what it does and what it can do for you and  your business now.

Just to let you know this   is actually the second time I’ve reviewed this  particular product reason being as I had a load   of people asking questions so i thought i would  actually answer those on this video and have a   more current up-to-date 2021 version and on top  of that i’ve also created three bonus training   courses that i’m actually throwing in for some  people who wish decide to get started with Videly   more information down in the description  so if you want to get three bonus courses   for no extra cost make sure you use the link in  the description so first of all what is vidley   well vidly is a video marketing tool that helps  you rank your videos on popular search engines now   the main search engines it focuses on is google  and youtube but it also works for things like bing   and pinterest and amazon and there’s a few others  inside as well now the really good thing about   this tool right which makes it different to other  tools is it actually scans the searches on these   search engines to give you the lowest competition  with the highest amount of search volume so if you   wanted to create a video in a particular niche  or about a particular product you can find what   opportunities are available that you can actually  create videos on that keyword rank it on the   search engines and actually get results quickly  versus you know trying to fight for rankings with   so many other people that are currently on youtube  so it’s a very ninja way to actually getting your   videos ranked right now vidli is actually a  series of tools like i mentioned of earlier   it isn’t just keywords right it also does things  like video details it also does niche analysis   it also scans your existing videos to help you  find out which ones you can actually improve   and it also has a rank tracking feature which  is actually my favorite tool i use it every   single day because it lets me know how my videos  are actually tracking as well as giving me my   statistics for those videos so what i’m going  to do right now is i’m actually going to jump   behind the screen i’m going to show you all about  vidley and what you can expect okay first of all   i’m going to show you about the different pricing  inside of vidley i know if you go to vidley.

com   you’re actually going to be facing a 497 price  point which is far too ridiculous but if you   use the link in the description it’s also going  to allow you to get a nice discount down to 47   so make sure you use that there is a few upsells  of course one is being the pro version i’ll show   you those features in a minute which i believe is  another 47 and then there is also the agency which   is a little bit more expensive but it allows you  to have features like reselling rights and having   a done for you website and plug-and-play templates  things like that but personally if you were to buy   anything i’d either choose the base plan or the  base and pro that’s what i highly recommend so   this is the dashboard once you actually get inside  vidly one question i got asked is is vidley and   video marketing blaster the same thing it actually  is however video marketing blaster is a software   just like vidley it’s the exact same software but  it is a windows only software so you download it   rather than using it on a cloud or in a browser  right so vidley is the cloud version video   marketing blaster is the desktop version right  for windows only so that’s one question i have   so vidley can be used on any computer um any type  of browser it can be on like a raspberry pi or it   could be on a mac or a windows doesn’t matter you  can use it on everything so what you’ll notice   when you come inside here is we have actually six  different features that you can use inside the   toolbar actually five the first is the dashboard  but inside here it tells you how many actually   keywords you’ve searched in the last sort of 30  days as it’s been the christmas period i’ve sort   of taken a bit of time off but as you can see i  personally own the vidley standard and the vidley   pro memberships i can also get the agency if i  wish now if we start off with the features one   by one uh we’ll start off with keywords right  now keywords is probably the most powerful   tool inside of this particular series of tools and  the reason being is it finds opportunities where   other people have left holes or there is a hole  in the industry where you can create videos and   rank and get traffic right so for an example if i  typed in the word click funnels which is actually   what i did last time and i click on search what  it’s going to do is it’s going to scan the word   click funnels and try to find opportunities where  i can create content to rank on the internet   so at the moment if you look over here if i scroll  down a little bit first you can see at the bottom   we have this thing called here’s all the different  search engines sorry so we’ve got youtube   competitors google bing yahoo pinterest ebay and  amazon so there are a lot of search engines that   you can actually look for opportunities and me  personally i just like to do the two main search   engines google and bing and then of course youtube  on top now if we come to the top you can see the   interest of click funnels over the last year so  it looks like it had a bit of a peak with with i   think the covered lockdowns started happening so  people working from home they’re obviously trying   to um learn about click funnels a little bit more  it seems to be dying off a little bit which is   quite interesting but that’s the interest for the  past year we’ve also got things like search volume   estimated youtube views per month all this sort of  good stuff i don’t really personally take too much   notice of this it doesn’t really matter too much  if you use the particular method that i’m about   to show you so if we come down here we have all  of these particular types of keywords that have   quite a bit of search volume with low  competition so if we have a look here   how to use click funnels it’s the 100 recommended  keyword to use you can rank potentially on google   as well as youtube which is quite good and  there is a monthly search volume of 3200 so   if you did a video on exactly how to use click  funnels and that is your particular key phrase   that you want to use you could potentially rank  it’s saying it’s the easiest word with the right   amount of searches to actually go for now if  you look in the yt competitors one this is a   little bit inaccurate in saying that um there’s  420 000 videos about click funnels and how to   use click funnels it’s not entirely accurate um  however it is a good guideline of sort of how many   competitors are actually talking about that one  particular thing for example if we were going to   go and have a look at how to promote click  funnels as an affiliate compared to how to   use click funnels basically the way i read it is  use click funnels versus um versus promote click   funnels two different keywords if you follow sort  of that angle of promoting it rather than how to   use it you know there’s probably less competitors  in the promoting type area if that makes sense   now on the right we actually have the monthly  volume however this is just an estimate majority   of the time if these keywords are even here it  means that people are searching it that’s the way   i like to look at it if it says there’s less than  100 searches per month that’s usually not the case   i’ve done videos for searches less than 100 and  i’ve had thousands of views a month so basically   just take these uh parts into consideration the  recommendation and the platform the source it’s on   if it’s on the 100 recommendation recommended or  if you scroll down and it goes slowly down just   use them from the top down if you can use any of  the the top 10 sort of thing i would basically go   for the top 10.

if it’s 100 i’d always try to go  for the 100 recommended one reason being it’s got   an algorithm behind it there’s a lot of variables  that we don’t see so if i was just do off one   particular thing i’d go off the recommended and  making sure you’re in the right source if that   makes sense you can also it only scans the first  10 for search volume if you really wanted to see   how much there was in there basically if you  wanted to get more just select another 10 and   then you click get competitors volume so that’s  basically the keyword tool you can use it for   any particular thing no matter how competitive the  keyword you’re actually going for what i recommend   you do is come in here type in the keyword and  see what opportunities are available to rank for   so let’s just say we wanted to go to how to use  click funnels that can be our keyword what we can   actually do now is go into the next section which  is video details now video details is a little   bit of an interesting one if i click on generate  details and type in the main keyword right what   it’s going to do is give me two sort of titles  that are an outline it is a little bit confusing   seeing these the way i i see this particular title  part it’s the weirdest part in the whole system   is one has a emojis one doesn’t i usually choose  the one without emojis and add them in later   but basically what i’ll do is come to next it’s  going to ask for some secondary keywords so pretty   much supporting keywords so i could do things like  how does clickfunnels work how to is click funnels   worth it and also what is clickfunnels those are  three pretty generic words so i’m going to go to   next inside here you can put in your website  link um if it’s an affiliate link if it’s for   a landing page all that sort of good stuff and  try to add in your current channels as well it’s   really good for sending out social signals to  things as well um for this example i’m not going   to bother doing it what i can do here though  just to show you what will happen is type in um   this this is my clickfunnels affiliate link  so i’ll click on generate it’s going to ask   if you want to generate these details and i’m  going to click generate so basically what this   is going to do it works really fast is it’s  going to set an outline of what video details   should look like for this particular  video now what i like to think of it as   it is a robot doing a robot’s job so it’s showing  how google likes to read information however it’s   not how humans process it but it does give us  a very good guideline i’ll show you what i mean   so what i’m going to do is come in here i’m going  to click on the title and then up on the right   here we have a title description and we’ve also  got some tags now it is not going to be perfect   straight off the bat but it is going to give you a  very good outline of how the uh the video details   should actually look so how to use click funnels  is click funnels worth it very very good start   um maybe i would put here full demo something like  that so basically what you want to do is every   time you have words outside of the highlighted  text so the green is your primary the second   or the the red is your secondary keyword basically  you want to keep the same structure you just want   to re-word a few words just to make it sound more  human right this is just a software it is just   doing the robot’s job of giving you exactly how  it wants to be read all we need to do is tidy it   up a bit so don’t change any of the keywords don’t  delete entire sentences just rewrite them a little   bit right and you’ll notice there are some bits  missing like facebook instagram if you did put   yours in there it’s completely fine if you didn’t  you can um actually backspace that stuff there   but apart from that it’s pretty good right so i’ll  just delete that um it’s a little bit robotic but   you know if this was an actual video i was gonna  do i would um go through it a little bit better   regardless this is gonna rank as it is now at the  bottom we’ve also got some tags which is amazing   so basically what would happen is i  would now go off i would create a video   specifically in this order of words how to use  click funnels this clickfunnels worth it and   i’ll shoot an entire video about it you know walk  people through all the questions they’re asking   i’ll try to actually say these particular bullet  points inside of the video if possible right   and then once it’s done what i can do is go to  youtube upload video here’s my title copy and   paste here’s my description copy and paste and  then here’s my tags copy and paste now doing it   in this particular order using this exact wording  is actually going to get you more juice so you can   potentially rank on google super quick as well  as youtube super quick as well if you do this   with a very low competition keyword you  can rank instantly if you do it with a   more competitive one it can take a little bit of  time what i recommend doing if that’s the case   is create similar videos around the same topic and  link them all together right so in the description   each time you add one link it together or put  it in a playlist if that makes sense but this   is a gold mine seriously this is a gold mine  when it comes to ranking videos i’ve got loads   of other examples of this as well i’ll um i’ll  leave a link in the description to another video   so the next part we’re going to look at is a  pro tool and this is the niche analysis right   niche analysis is basically showing you what your  your sort of niche is up to what your sort of uh   keyword and categories up to so if i typed in  click funnels here it’s going to show me the   top competitors for the keyword click funnels  right so in a second it’s going to pop up with   all of these videos showing me how everyone  is doing so here we have mr builderpreneur   himself he is ranking number one for the  word click funnels um it says here he’s got   stats he’s got a six out of ten for stat score  which is quite interesting that’s based on the   amount of views comments likes and then he’s  also got a channel score and then a social score   in terms of seo though he’s crushing it that’s  why he’s on top as you can see the ones below   him aren’t actually ranking 10.

um so this is why  he’s actually sitting on number two the number one   position very nicely it’s because his seo is  in order and if you use the information inside   of the video details generator you’ll have a very  similar score as well so what you would do is have   a look on here once again these these numbers  at the top right they’re good however they’re   not super accurate you can still rank number one  without getting 40 000 views things like that it’s   just giving you a sort of idea of the people that  are currently at the top what you can expect if   you can get on the top as well right so it’s very  very cool thing so that’s niche analysis basically   what i would do is come in here if the keyword  i’m searching for someone’s got a 10 at the top   it’s going to be very hard to beat especially  if you haven’t uploaded many videos in the past   google likes it when uh people post a lot of  videos consistently then i would probably choose   another keyword right so if i typed in here how  to use click funnels right and clicked research   this would give me an indication of what people  are ranking at and what i can expect if i can   actually potentially beat them right so here we  go he’s ranking number eight for this particular   keyword right so if i created a video based on how  to use click funnels potentially i could beat him   for this however if it was just for clickfunnels  he’d be beating me if that makes sense right so   let’s get on to the next section which is actually  the video report and this particular tool is   great for people that have already created a  youtube channel already have youtube videos   basically what i’ve done is i’ve just copied this  video here and i’m just going to scan it to see   how it’s doing so i’m going to type in the keyword  that i’m going for i’m going to click on search   and it’s going to give me a list of suggestions  i can actually do for my video to make it better   so if i come on here have a look down it  says my secondary keyword is not in the title   which is very true it’s not there title was not  translated so that’s a very good point if i went   and translated this video into multiple languages  i could actually get more rankings for overseas   languages as well which is pretty cool for the  description it says here my keyword density is too   low so i need to add my keyword in the description  a few more times channel link is not found so i   need to add my channel link actually in there  as well and description is not translated you   can actually translate these very easily as well  which is cool if i go to tags keyword appears a   few times in the tags so obviously i need to  put a labrie review and then add a few extra   things inside of it and then finally for video  it’s saying no facebook engagement captions are   not translated video does not contain captions but  as you can see it actually goes through multiple   different amounts of like uh issues that you  could potentially face to show you what it has   regardless i think this video is pretty good i’m  at a 98 thumbs up which i think is my likes um 80   solved and 20 problems i could fix so if i wasn’t  ranking number one for this particular video which   i currently am is there’s not much competition  once again looking for those golden nuggets   um i could beef this up a little bit and then  stay on number one for a long time so that is   video report this is perfect for someone that just  buys the software and they want to see how their   current videos are going maybe they need to  get them ranking up a little bit higher this   is absolutely perfect to do that you just go  through each video fix all the issues and then   just watch over the next couple of days as your  ranking starts going up and as we’re talking   about ranking let’s get into the very last tool  of vidley which is my favorite the rank tracker   right so each time you create a video you add the  video link and the keyword into rank tracker and   what it’s going to do is it’s going to monitor  how your ranking is going so first of all i’m   just going to put it by rank so these these videos  i’m unfortunately not ranking for at the moment   but if we scroll down a little bit further you can  see i’m ranking for a ton of videos on number one   bunch on number two some on number three and then  there’s some going down as well so basically if we   wanted to look at it here’s your youtube rank it’s  telling you how you’re doing so over time this   is stayed at number one this one’s slipped number  two but come back this one was at number it’s   just going up and down and now i’ve been pushed  completely off the top 40 and so on so you can see   this little graph here and if we go down a little  bit further you can see on this the next column   we’ve got google rank so this video for example  is ranking number one so if you look up for it   in youtube so i’ll put in here profile bud  review right you can see my video is ranking   here right so that’s that’s showing me that i’m  on number one on google which is absolutely true   um and that goes the same for all of these as  well now just because i’m ranking number one   on youtube doesn’t mean i’m going to be number  one on google and also vice versa for example   here’s one where i’m actually ranking number one  on google but number two on youtube so it’s two   different search engines two different ideas  of how everything’s going so keep that in mind   now next we’ve got views likes and comments this  gives you an idea of how your videos are going   now obviously i’m not ranking anywhere so i’m  not getting any views which is a pain keeping in   mind that’s why we need to be ranking number one  however if we come down a little bit for example   this divi review i got 13 views i believe that is  just for this morning it’s not late in the day so   it will keep going overnight then you’ve  also got things like likes and comments   and then this just basically says are there  videos listed on google right so it’s a very   very powerful tool as you can see over time you  can see how many uh videos you get in the top 40   also on google as well you can see over time my  i’m just getting more and more videos ranking on   google and then it also tells you your channel’s  views as well which is very amazing so that’s   pretty much vidly guys it is an extremely powerful  tool what i’m going to do right now is actually   go behind the camera once more and answer all of  these questions that i was asked okay so that was   vidly as you can see it’s a really powerful tool  it’s got so many features that you can actually   use to increase your youtube rankings if you use  all of the tools available then you will be able   to increase your rankings it is that powerful  trust me um that was the demo anyway that’s my   back office as you can see i’ve got tons of number  one rankings and that’s what you should try to aim   for now just before i go i just want to talk  about some questions that people have asked me   um so i’ll just power through these right now  first of all vidley versus video marketing blaster   like i mentioned earlier video marketing blaster  is the windows only downloadable software version   so if you’re on mac don’t even look at video  marketing blaster it’s not going to work vidley   is the cloud-based version you can log into it  from your phone you can log into it from any type   of desktop as long as you have a browser which is  very good also another question asked was there is   no search volume for the keywords like i mentioned  earlier don’t take those numbers 100 seriously   they’re always going to have more search volume  than is listed there if you’re ranking number one   for a keyword it suggests you don’t get any video  views in a month let me know because i have never   come across that so you might have found a unicorn  it doesn’t matter what it says there is always   search volume if the keyword phrase is there  uh next one does it cause bans it doesn’t cause   bans because it doesn’t log into your youtube  account it doesn’t do anything to do with youtube   basically it’s just searching the search engines  and reporting data you’re never connecting your   youtube to the actual software so it doesn’t do  any bands next of all can’t proceed with payment   link i’ve updated that check out the link in the  description for the discount link plus bonuses   um is Videly a pro version once again when you  join Videly it’ll be on the base version if you   want to get the pro features you get the option  to upgrade anytime you want in the back office   and last of all is it the same creators as video  marketing blaster it is the exact same creators   they just decided to create a cloud-based version  and a windows based version and that’s it guys   that’s basically all the questions um hopefully  I’ve covered everything if you have any questions   let me know in the descriptions but that is  the Videly review i hope you’ve enjoyed it   once again if you want to grab some bonus courses  those are available in the description make sure   you go and follow those instructions but that’s  it for me guys i hope you’ve enjoyed this video if   you did make sure you smash that thumbs up button  and if you haven’t yet make sure you subscribe for   more videos i’ve got a lot of bonuses as well in  the description so make sure you check those out   and that’s it from me okay guys  i’ll see you on the next video

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