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GetResponse Review: The Pros & Cons of the Newsletter Tool


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Welcome to this EmailToolTester review! I will give you an overview of the pros and cons of the email marketing software GetResponse. Internationally, this provider is one of the bigger fish. According to their website, they have 350,000 customers.

The feature set in and of itself is fairly impressive. Most of all, there is a feature that can’t be found in any other e-mail tools we’ve ever reviewed, at least not like this: a landing page editor, which we’ll take a closer look at later.

All templates are “responsive”. This means that your newsletters will be displayed properly both on smartphones and tablets. But enough with the theory – let’s take a look under the hood of GetResponse: After signing in, you will see this screen.

The main features can all be found up here. Among them is the newsletter creation feature, which we will be examining first. Let’s click on “create newsletter” and select the e-mail editor. Now, we choose a name for the newsletter and a subject line.

Of course, clicks can be tracked, and you can go beyond that and enter campaign IDs for Google Analytics. Here we find the A/B testing feature. It is not only included, but implemented very elegantly – activating it is incredibly easy.

As testing is crucial for an effective campaign, we like this a lot. Now we need to find a suitable template. As mentioned before, all of them are responsive – considering the number of designs, this is outstandingly good.

I personally prefer the very simple templates because they allow for the most creative freedom. For the purposes of this review, we’ll take this two-column layout. Selecting it takes us to the editor.

We can replace this rather large banner with an image I uploaded beforehand. We can simply drag blocks of content into the newsletter. By clicking on the block of text, we can edit its content. I like the fact that I can always see a preview of the mobile optimized view.

In order to test the newsletter, we can send out a test version here, or use the powerful preview feature to check out what the resulting e-mail will look like in a variety of e-mail clients. We noticed a few errors in some of the templates where columns were misaligned and didn’t look exactly as shown during the editing process.

All in all, the editor is solid, though not one hundred percent perfect. Let’s continue to the A/B test. For instance, we can have two different subject lines face off against one another. Afterwards, we select the newsletter recipients.

If you decide to do an A/B test, only a portion of the newsletters will be sent out for now. The e-mail that has a higher open rate can then be automatically sent out to the remaining recipients a day later, for example.

Here you can see all the newsletter’s details at a glance. Instead of sending it out directly, we can, of course, send it out at a later point in time. But let us move back a bit and take a look at a different feature, which is also very interesting.

This little dropdown box is easy to miss. You don’t want to miss it, though, because this is one of GetResponse’s most interesting features. We can create several campaigns. Here is the standard campaign named “Robert”, and another named “customer campaign”.

Each campaign contains a list of recipient e-mail addresses. By clicking “automate”, we can set up rules. And now it gets really interesting: One rule could be “after purchase > move”, for example from the standard campaign “robert” to the customer campaign.

This means that once a potential customer from the “robert” list purchases the advertised product, we no longer need to send them e-mails about a product he already purchased. Makes sense, doesn’t it? This newsletter recipient should now be part of the “customer campaign”.

You can use an additional rule to remove recipients from a list when they unsubscribe from another. These automation features are incredibly powerful, and I have not seen them in any other e-mail tool so far.

Up next is another very innovative feature: The landing page editor. Landing pages are external pages you can reach from the newsletter. They are made especially for campaigns with specific goals in mind, such as downloading an app, signing up for a webinar, or purchasing a specific product.

Now you can add your own content and images, and, as with the newsletter editor, even include an A/B test to see how well different landing page varieties work. As a positive side note: The landing page is responsive, too.

All in all, GetResponse is a very powerful newsletter tool when compared to the competition. The feature set is a solid plus; among these features are automation, the landing page editor, and the mobile friendly design templates.

The cost-benefit ratio is worth mentioning – many other tools cannot dream of offering such a feature set for this amount of money. The only negative point we could find was that some of the templates were displayed incorrectly in the e-mail client after the newsletter was sent out.

By doing some testing, however, we were able to get this under control. GetResponse is free for a 30-day trial period. If you enjoyed the video, I would appreciate a “Like” on YouTube! Thanks for watching.

See you next time on EmailToolTester.com!

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Diddly Pay Pro Review – Does Diddly Pay Pro Software Work?


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Hi there manuel here – and you probably found this video because you’re. Looking into this diddly pay pro you’re. Looking for a diddly pay pro review, or you know you found it and you’re thinking. To yourself is this going to help me? Can this actually help me with my marketing right, so i am going to go into that in a second.

But if you’re, not already a subscriber to the channel, then please just take a second and just hit the subscribe button below also remember to just tick on the bell icon, so that anytime, i do release a new review or any sort of Video anything, i think, is going to help you a tier per trick.

Anything i help you with, i think, will help you with your marketing. I’m. Releasing a video so make sure you don’t miss out on that and you hit that subscribe button below and also for any point. You want to get access to my free four-part, video, affiliate marketing course that will teach you the basics of affiliate marketing.

Then again, i’ll. Leave a link below this video. You can click on that. You can get completely free access to that. Okay, so let’s get started. This diddly pay pro, so it’s by a guy called um tom winters, and i’m.

Sorry, tom e and brian winters. Yeah. Let’s, not get their amazing mixed up. Um and brian winters has been around for a while. He’s, one of he’s. A top marketer i’ve, actually used one of these products before back.

In the day, and it’s, to is to try and increase what we call viralocity yeah, so you try and get other people to share your products and actually try and use that to help them build your list, yeah your email list.

You know this says how you can you can get 148 leads and 330 dollars in 24 hours. Now you know. Of course they all make these kind of claims. That, like really really quick, do you know, i mean from it from our self-promoting income machine all right now.

I found this product on two platforms. I found it on the warrior plus and on clickbank so and it’s slightly differently priced on um clickbank. This is the same product that’s selling different page. They’re selling it for twenty dollars a month here and on warrior it’s, selling it as twenty dollars as a front end product um.

So i mean, if i was going to buy it, then if you want to get the cheaper version, i’d. Do the warrior um warrior plus version, so let’s review this one. It’s, going to have a video. It’s, going to tell you about um how how there’s got loads of income and then basically it’s, just all the income proofs and then further down.

They’re, going to explain it a little bit more, so what you actually do, if i can kind of break it down, so it will come with a product like it comes with. I think it’s, five done for you, products yeah, so you choose one of the products and and the products also got a back end to it as well.

Yeah i’m. I’m, assuming you may have to pay a little bit extra, though, to get to get these products in the back end products as well, because you’re going to make money on both of these yeah, but so say, say you Got a product that that you can use one of theirs or you can use your own and you have a sales page.

So if somebody’s going to buy this product, they’re now, given two choices, they can either buy the product out right. Yes, they put their credit card details and buy the product out right or they can have a press.

This one of these diddly pay pro buttons and what that means in essence, that, instead of buying it, they can now share this with people. You know the amount of people that you specify three people: five people – 10 people, whatever you specify to get the product for free, so they have the choice.

Either they buy it out right or they share it with say three people or five people that they know, and then they get the product for free. As long as the person they’re sharing it with opts in and you get their name and email address, so you can see it’s, a it’s a free way or it’s an easier Way to build your list yeah, so somebody gets your product if they can share it with three or save five.

Just make the numbers easy for five people that they know now. In essence, that sounds great yeah few things that that must the person must want. They must really want your product yeah. They must have five people.

They’re gonna share it with what they’re kind of saying with the numbers, because they always try and make this stuff sound a little easier than it is. They’re, trying to say that those five people would then send it to five people and nails.

Five people sent to five people and before you know you got this big avalanche of leads because everybody’s, sharing it and you’re, getting thousands and thousands of thousands of leads, but let’s. Be honest.

Most people aren’t going to share it unless they really really want your product, and you know most people if they do want, it are just going to buy it on the front end. You know, but some will share it, and it will help you a little bit.

I think, to get some free traffic and to get some extra leads. You know, as long as the person really wants your product, so it ‘ S got to be a decent product, and i haven’t seen the products that they’re actually giving away, and it may be if you wanted to sell one of your own products.

Now this isn’t exactly a new idea. The idea has been around before there’s. Actually, a a company called up viral that actually do it that now they you pay them a lot more though there’s, a thousand dollars, i think it is to get in with up viral, but the train is a lot more in-depth.

You know because what now the idea itself would work, but you’ve got to realize it. Doesn’t solve the first problem of getting the traffic to the page to the sales page that you’re gonna sell before people can even see this diddly button.

If you don’t know how to drive traffic. Now this is where the problem comes with these things, if you don’t know how to drive traffic, you can have a beautiful page with your products sitting there with a beautiful diddly button.

Diddly pay pro button, but nobody finds this page. Unless you can drive traffic to this page, you know and most people they have this page out there and they decide where i’m, going to drive solo ads to this page and then the quality of the people on solo ads is so low.

They’re, not going to share anything. I don’t think i don’t know for sure, but the incentives is not going to be high enough. You need to with all of these things. We need to always know how to market.

So for me, this is a little bit intermediate. This is not for the complete newbie. You know is this for somebody who actually already let’s, have a look at this other page as well. So you can just see the contrast.

This is for somebody really that already knows how to market a bit. You know th. This page is saying it’s, cloud-based, which is great, so you don’t have to worry about downloading it. It adds up to 148 plus autopilot email and buy leads per day to your list.

It might do that if you can drive traffic, but really you know these numbers are just done there to make it slightly feel easier than what it really is. 100 percent full free built-in traffic included.

No, i don’t agr. You know that that there’s, not the only traffic you’re, going to get people. I have incentive enough to share it. So this is the stuff. With this sort of thing they make it sound a little too easy a little bit too newbie friendly.

You know, would it work? Well, it must work if bigger companies are out there already doing it, where you have to pay them. A thousand thousand dollars to learn it. Would it work for a complete newbie, not if they don ‘

T know how to drive traffic, because the page where your, where your product is where the product that you’ve, actually created yourself or one of the ones that you use of this diddly pay is a nice pay.

It might be a nice page, but you still need to get traffic to it. You know it’s. Like you know, whatever anything you’re selling online, you need to get traffic to it. Then this might work. Then you might get a few extra leads, because a few people might think.

Well, i’ve got 10 people that i know i’ll, just get them to i’ll share it to them, get them to opt in. Give their their name and email address and i can get this product for free. Do you know so you might get a few extra leads from it.

You don’t mean yeah, but if you know the first bit is the driving traffic to knowing how to drive traffic, which, unfortunately, as a newbie, most don’t. So this is where a lot of newbies come unstuck.

You know, but you know i mean like if, if you, if you do know how to drive traffic, then why not? You know this: it’s, not bad for twenty dollars. Twenty dollars, i think, is just the front end on on um warrior anyway.

There’s, six upsells yeah, they’ve, got um oto, one, which is ninety seven dollars, yeah, which you get five more um five more products that you can sell. Um oto two is ninety seven dollars. Yeah oto three is another.

Ninety seven dollars where you can get another niche, that you can promote, diddly pay pro review. Oto four is a hundred and ninety seven dollars. We can get some sort of traffic rotator and oto5 is you can actually make more money like they’ll? Give you a webinar that you can promote as well to make an extra five hundred dollars.

You know. So you know this is where the real money is made with this sort of stuff is on upsells. You know not so much on twenty dollars, but if you’re getting it on, if you’re getting on clickbank with twenty dollars a month, you’re, getting it in warrior.

Then it’s. It’s, a one payment, i believe, of twenty dollars. So you know that’s, my that’s, my view in it, but, like i said it, doesn’t, get away from the fact that you still need to learn how to drive traffic.

I think this is more intermediate to advanced. If you already have that, then that button, the diddly pay button that you’re, going to put on your sales page, may help you to get some viral leads yes and and build your whatever we call it viralocity or whatever.

But if you don’t know how to drive traffic, then you know really. This product is going to be a little bit over your head. I think if you’re, not if you’re a complete, complete newbie, you know anyway, listen.

I i hope that was of some value to you. I hope that helped you do you know, because this these sort of things, if what you’re actually looking for, is a way to learn how to market properly, to drive the value i mean to drive the traffic to get the leads to turn Those leads into sales, then you know – maybe i can help you with that, because i’ve, been in internet marketing, especially affiliate marketing for 10 years now, and when i first started initially, i was doing okay, i was actually getting sales, you know, but I wasn’t getting them as consistently as i am getting them now, but you know i i was actually getting cells, but then i i’d, listened to everyone else, and i and i started thinking well, i’m, Not doing what this person’s doing getting 25 000 in a day or this one 50 000 in an afternoon.

So where am i going wrong? So then? I went on this shiny object journey that i called i bought every you know all the warrior forum products, all the all the um paper clickbank. Sorry i tried this network marketing dropshipping, i tried it all and i just couldn’t make none of it work.

It was all confusing because there’s, so much information you don’t know who to follow so eventually. I thought this is too much and i gave up you know, but in that time it was a really good time for me, because everything just slowed down and i was lucky enough to meet two mentors that actually taught me the basics of marketing and um affiliate Marketing and taught me about traffic turning traffic to lee’s and turning leads into sales and doing that on a consistent basis.

You know so that’s, why i put together this free, four-part, affiliate marketing course that will help you do the same to go from where you are now to a point where you’re. Getting leads to a point where you’re, getting sales, you know and doing that on a consistent basis.

You know. So if you’re interested in seeing that, like i said there’ll, be a link below this video. You can click on that you can get completely free access to that four part: video affiliate marketing course, but either way.

I hope you got some value from this. If you did, please just take a second just give it a thumbs up, also share it with anyone else. You think might get some value from it as well. If you do have any questions anything at all, you want to talk about, then please just leave it in the comments box below bye.

Once again, thanks for listening until next time, you take care diddly pay pro review, i’ll, speak to you soon. All the best take care

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MagickFunnels Review, ➡️ Exclusive Bonuses [MagickFunnels Review]

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Hey it’s, Will Weatherly here and welcome to my magic, funnels reviews. So what I’d like to do – and this review is – have a quick look at my written review here head over to the sales page, Go into the members area and then return here to my blog and have a look at The OTO s.

The one-time offers, as well as the bonuses that I put together for those of you who pick up Magic funnels through my links., So what is magic funnels? Well, this is a new cloud-based software by Glenn Koski.

. It goes live on April 15th at 9 a.m. Est, and so what this software will do is give you 14 done-for-you funnels in various niches. It’s, going to have a database of top converting landing pages, and then you’re going to get high quality Lead magnets that you can give away to get people on your list.

And then you’re, going to get step-by-step training., So you also have the option of Creating your own funnel.. This means getting your own lead, magnet and your own landing page and your own funnel setup by creating customizing.

As you’d, like with the software, so that’s, an option to and Who is going to benefit most from this software? Well, If you’re new to online Marketing and you don’t want to figure out the whole process that goes into a funnel and especially a high converting funnel.

Then this is a great tool to have. I know when I first got started. I Actually I invested in click funnels and I put some funnels together and I lost a lot of money because I didn’t know what I Was doing and I tried to learn everything from this from scratch, which is not what I suggest doing.

. You will want to use these Funnels, because this will enable you to get conversions and start making commissions right away, and that’s. Why this kind of funnel is really important to have, and also as I discuss my review, Click funnels or leadpages is going to cost you monthly, whereas a tool such as magic funnels as going to be a lot less expensive and we’re.

Looking at a front-end price of only 1797, if you get this on Early birds., So this really is a tool which allows you to hit the ground running, which is why I really Recommend this for those new to online marketing.

Now, with that said, I thought there were some aspects that are kind of Just are omitting or omitted from the product, But it’s kind of beyond the scope of the product, and you need to get some training.

You need to have some traffic, and so those are the things that I put emphasis on in my bonus package, Which, as I list here, getting the best traffic to your funnel, Identifying the right trends and your niche choosing the right offers to promote and increasing conversions.

So I put emphasis on these areas to get you the give you the best chance of a high converting Funnel to pay you commissions as quickly as possible.. So Let’s, go ahead and have a look at the sales page.

As you can see, the headline is Groundbreaking: one-click app, creates automated funnels and gets your instant buyer traffic and less than 60 seconds, And then you’re, going to get some features here, plug and play apperance and automated commissions, and you can see this Goes on and on it’s, quite a lengthy sales page with some proof and some testimonials and You’ll, be able to go over this on your own.

. There is quite a bit of information, But what I’d like to do now, is head on into the members area. So you get an idea about what to expect when you’re inside. So once you’re inside the members area, you’re going to land on the dashboard and you’re, going to be given a introduction here.

A welcome by Lee Koski, who’s, going to tell you what to do, and then the next thing that I would recommend doing is going to training and The training here is going to have some videos that Will walk you through pretty much everything That you need to know – and that includes Setting up your profile And getting your autoresponder integrated so that you can start to collect emails, and you can see the First one here is how to set up York done for you campaigns how to create your own campaigns.

For any products, how to connect your autoresponder and then how to add additional affiliate products to the download page, and then these are the upgrades which we’re going to get into when we go over the upgrades on my blog.

So this is the training, which is what I recommend doing once you’re inside when you’re on the dashboard. First thing you do is go to the training and the next step would be probably To go to the done-for-you campaigns.

Unless you want to set up your own campaigns So to go to the done-for-you campaigns, you click here to setup your new campaign.. You would go here.. So Let’s, go ahead and look at the done-for-you campaigns And these campaigns are going to be in different niches, as I mentioned.

So here you’ve got the health and fitness with Cinderella, solution flat, belly fix yoga, burned, 12-minute Affiliate system, which is a Clickbank offer, and the e-business and marketing affiliate BOTS, another e-business, marketing, Clickbank University, Affiliate marketing and so on.

So you would go ahead and choose the one that you would want to go ahead and customize. You would get your opt-in page and here is the opt-in page, and then you would get the promo page, which is the Way that people will go ahead and let’s, go ahead and have a look at the opt-in page.

Okay, so you’re. This opt-in page is for the lead, magnet or the book that you’re, going to be giving away. People are going to Fill out their information and then they’re, going to be taken to this page right here, which is the promo page.

Let’s, go ahead and have a look at that. Okay, so they opt-in and then they are told. Thank you. You’re. Free download is on its way to your inbox.. It will arrive in 15 minutes.. Please check your inbox shortly.

, So this is really important, and this is where a lot of people who start to do their own funnels make a mistake, and that is they don’t have a thank you page or they don’t. Have a bridge page between the opt-in, page and The offer, so here people are going to be told.

Okay, I can expect the gift in my inbox and then they’re, going to be told what to do So. It’s. All very clear, but a lot of affiliates what they do is they have an opt-in form, no bridge page. It goes straight to the offer and there may be giving away a gift and then the person Who’s got to give like.

Where’s, my gift, now I’m being sold something., So it’s, a disconnect That’s. Why it’s so important to have this kind of funnel setup? And here you’re, going to get 14 of these, that you can choose from so really good stuff here and then you’re going to have, as I mentioned, the download page, where they would simply download the e-book, and So that’s it.

. These are the high converting Landing pages and the high converting offers as well from Clickbank. These are going to be offers with the highest gravity. Clickbank is in the Clickbank universities in the top five twelve minute billion system is number one.

Now in the Clickbank ebusiness, emarketing marketplace so Yeah, these are all going to be really good to promote.. You can’t really lose with any of these offers. Okay, so let’s head back to the dashboard so To set up your own Campaign, a campaign that you can customize go ahead and click on new champagnes over here And then you’re, going to be able to create new campaigns.

So what you would do, then, is scroll down here to where it says: opt-in, page content and well. First of all, you would go ahead and Click here where it says: load, opt-in, page template, you’re, going to be given some options, and then I’ve already chosen one right here, which is just being able to make any changes That you want to the text or to the box image.

Any of this information is Customizable, so you would go ahead and make those changes here. As for the settings, you can go ahead and list the affiliate products that you want on the download page And then those are going to be additional products that you can promote and then you ‘

Ve got some Facebook’s tools here. Some pixel coves, which will help you with your remarketing and Then you’ve, got some sub headlines, Call-to-action for your download page, and so this is all pretty similar to what you’re, going to get with the done-for-you It’s just completely Customizable to an offer that you want to promote.

Now I would say if you’re new to online marketing, just go with the done-for-you funnels, because there are popular products that are selling well, and So you won ‘ T have to do anything at all, except Put your affiliate link in and start to promote, So that’s.

What I suggest doing, if you’re new and you don’t, want to do any real customization of another offer. Then I would go with that, but this does work well For those of you who have your own offers to promote.

This is going to work really really well and it’s going to, as I said It’s, going to save you time from having to pay click funnels $ 97 a month or leadpages, which I think is now about 47 a Month, So this is a really good option, both for the done-for-you funnels, as well as your own customizable funnels.

So what I’d, like to do now is have a look back on my blog at the upgrade. As For the upgrades of magic, funnels., OTO number one is the unlimited version: here., You can create unlimited Campaigns. This goes for 97, with a down sell to 67 o to number 2 done-for-you funnels OTO number 3.

Automated traffic flow OTO number for conversion, boosting tools, OTO number 5, bonus page builder and then OTO number six are the license right. So the automated traffic flow OTO number three. What that is.

, It’s, a way that you can put a Remarketing pixel on the sales pages of the vendors, which means that you can remark it To this traffic over and over again for very cheap, and that is a lot of traffic so That’s, a good one to pick up o to number for Conversion.

Boosting tools., I really don’t know if I would go for that. One OTO number 5 bonus page builder, still a little high even with a down sell to 47, because 67 is about the price of Commission gorilla, which is, I think, a little overpriced in and of itself.

And So I would say, maybe not for that and then o to number 6 license rights with a down sell 297. If you do want to pick up the license, rights obviously go ahead and pick up the down, sell The one that I recommend is the unlimited version being able to create unlimited campaigns that will max out your value with magic funnels.

So for the bonuses for those of you who pick up the front end product through my link, You will get the following bonuses. Bonus number one getting 225 here I’m, going to reveal the fastest way to get 225 sales on warrior.

+ + jvzoo – and this is based in my own experience of Being stuck and then having a breakthrough and learning some methods that were enabled me to get some quick sales 225 sales. And I got there a lot quicker than I had previously.

Where I was stuck bonus, number 2 secret method to promote Clickbank products with videos number three secret method to get free traffic from latest trends. Bonus number four online free ads secrets – and this is an updated tutorial on how to get traffic to Classified online.

Ads. Bonus number five flagel breakout, which is a full course on Instagram influencers Bonus number six Twitter method, which is free traffic from Twitter, bonus, seven top.. I Have two top level Bing ads training courses bonus, number eight X placebo, Which is my own best selling course on how to get fast traffic from Instagram bonus.

Nine free traffic frenzy bonus ten avalanche list building, which is a full course on list building Bonus. Eleven campervan commissions, which is a full course on affiliate marketing, bonus. Twelve, all vendor bonuses, Which includes seventeen semi exclusive bonuses that are the following: three hundred CPA: everyday 500, CPA, everyday CPA, coffee-shop method $ 200 cash back to case CPA traffic, jacquard, 250 dollar cash bagged in the commission, glitch six-figure influx million dollar toolbox overnight.

Commission’s, commission toolbox, pure profit, paid $ 100 CPA daily commission profit, hack, instant traffic, jacker, the commission magnet and the Commission blueprint. So when you are on my blog, What you can do is you can click on this link here where it says, get magic, funnels, plus all relevant bonuses, that’s, going to take you to the sales page and then, when you check out all My Bonuses will be waiting for you If you’re on YouTube, go ahead and click the link in the description that’s, going to take you to the sales page and when you check out all of my bonuses.

Once again, We’ll, be waiting for you.. So this concludes my magic funnels review. I want to thank you for watching and see you in the next review.

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How To Find The Best Clickbank Products To Promote / Clickbank Affiliate Marketing

To learn the Top 10 Recurring IM Products on Clickbank, Click Below…

Top selling products on ClickBank with one click of a button. Is this possible? Well by the end of this video, you’re going to learn exactly how to find the best selling products on ClickBank with one click of a button without using any additional software.

I just want to let you know that I was in your shoes ten years ago until I met my mentor that happened 10 years ago now since then, I have done 1-800 joint ventures online and I coached over 1,200 entrepreneurs of how to start their business online.

And I’m going to do the same thing with you what I mean by that is I usually set an objective of $10,000. You have to make ten thousand dollars on ClickBank only on ClickBank alone. And by that time you’ll be able to make even more money using other platforms now if you want to be of this.

All you have to do is subscribe drop a like and make sure to hit that notification Bell so you can get the latest information but for right now, let’s go ahead and get started now. I’ll show you on my computer exactly.

How is that done? Okay, Mark Daniels here and like I promised you before that. I’m going to show you the best selling products on ClickBank with one click of a button. You probably wondering how is that? Possible.

Well, it is possible. I’ve been doing this for over ten years and I have coached over 1200 people. So I’m going to make it very simple here. I’m going to take you step by step and I’m not gonna cover the elementary stuff.

I’m going to go ahead and go for the most important aspect of what I’m trying to show you here. Now. We are on ClickBank right here and you want to click on affiliate Marketplace what I’m going to show you is something very simple.

But in case you have any issues make sure you put something in the comment that you got it or you didn’t get what I’m trying to show you here. I’m going to go ahead and do it very slowly here.

Now you go, of course to the marketplace here. Now, you see this says find product now you click on it. Once you don’t have to put anything do not put anything in here. Just click enter one time. Now, what’s going to happen here the system? Here in ClickBank is going to pull most of all of their products that are basically selling the most now you can tell here they got different stuff from different backgrounds.

So this is basically what is the most popular in its Niche plus this one plus this so the best-selling is is this one right here. Now, I know there is a lot of people that they try to teach you gravity and things like that.

That alike pull things by gravity gravity is like magical thing. It’s really not gravity is basically telling you how many Affiliates are actually doing it. So if you have a whole lot of affiliate selling the same thing the gravity is going to be high now, what is that going to mean? It’s going to be saturated.

Maybe you want to stay away from it. But at the same time, sometimes the gravity is high, but the Dect still selling strong selling very strong and I’m going to go ahead and show you a different example, if you take a look at this, the gravity is high but none of the less it’s still very popular because it’s very emotional if you looked at it or if you go on a sales page or what have you you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

Now. This is like the best selling one. This is the best-selling. This is the third-best. This is the fourth. I’m not going to go through all of them. But I’m going to go ahead and show you exactly how to pick from that.

Now. These are not Niche oriented another word. They’re not basically based on one Niche. This is given you the whole thing and you can pick whatever you want because sometimes I don’t know. I mean, it depends on your Niche and what you are doing and it’s very important to know your niche as well.

But here you can go through it find what is really reasonable and very good for you that you are passionate about make sure you are passionate about very very familiar with the product. I usually buy the product myself and then I do it now.

I do the same thing with all my students. I’ve done that for you know in the last eight years on this platform, which is ClickBank. The reason for that is because you can train yourself. It’s easy to get in and at the same time you’ll be able To make money why you are getting familiar with online marketing now, I want to make a very important disclaimer here that if you pick the best product or the best selling product that doesn’t mean you’re going to be successful online.

Now I’m going to do the same thing as I do to my students. I’ve been doing this for a long time. I pick different niches and I’m not gonna sit there and tell you about me how good I am because this video is not About me it’s about you.

I’m gonna try to show you things that I wish someone else ten years ago showed me. Nobody wants to give anything away of value on online whether on YouTube or somewhere else to help somebody else.

So I’m sure this is basically for you to be able to pick the product. That doesn’t mean you get to be a billionaire in order for you to be a super affiliate. This is just one piece of the puzzle or Piece of the formula that you should know now, I’m going to share some tricks here with you as well that you should do.

Now when you go in here, for example, you see this where it says ‘required product types’. It’s very important to click two things. One of them. Is this the other one is this now the reason for that is you want to have the tools already there.

If you don’t have the tools, for example, that means you have to create get your own tools. Now. What am I talking about? I’m talking about email swipe files promotional keywords. Everything is done for you.

All you have to do is promote the product but I’m not going to sit there and try to make it is so simple again. Like I tell my people that I work with that this is the first step. There are other products when you the goal that I set for everybody is $10,000 on Bank you should be making $10,000 before you do anything else.

There are other networks that a lot of people know about some of them don’t know about and there are some private Network that hardly anybody knows about the reason act like must have Affiliate tools page.

So you’ll have the tools that are needed for you to promote that product. The second one here is very self-explanatory. You don’t want to do anything that is not supportive. Of on mobile devices if you take a look for example on this, I’m going to go ahead and explain something and I’m going to explain two strategies that you can take under consideration.

I know some people for example, they want to only sell High ticket items which is good. The other thing is that when you sell in high ticket items, it’s good to have a relationship with the consumer.

Or you are known or you know exactly what you are doing or you’ve been doing it for while there are some marketing rules that in order for you to gain or sell High ticket items right away. Now, the other thing is that you can use what I call the gateway to a different product.

For example, you can use this right here for maybe you can sell it because you have something else to sell. Maybe it’s your own product or maybe Be another product. So in another word, you want to get somebody on your mailing list.

Now a lot of affiliate do it wrong because they don’t have an autoresponder capturing page in them or they don’t know how to track things. You can do it very easily but this is not for this session or not for this video.

If you want to know how to do it. Please let me know by putting something in the comment area below. This is right. It could be the Gateway in case you have something else to sell. So it’s not always bad that something is actually low because they provide a lot of information here and they try to help you a lot about getting these sales done after you get it, you should be able to put it on your own autoresponder and build your own list.

It can sell your own product whether affiliate product or your own product that you made now if you knew You. I do not recommend you at all to start your own product most gurus the way they do it is they sell other people’s products.

Hopefully, you will do it with residual. I’m not going to go show you exactly how I do it because I don’t know what your Niche is now, if you don’t know what your Niche is or what you’re passionate about.

Let me know. I do have a step by step process to figure out exactly. What is your Niche that you most likely Make more money. It’s very important to be passionate about what you are selling and be ethical about it as well.

Now. I’m going to go ahead and run through here a little bit just to let you know about some stuff. Now the average sale is this is basically average money cell right here. Is that what most people usually make the average percentage is like 78 percent of whatever that product is and right here it shows you rebuild.

That means what that means there is nothing else that it’s not a funnel. For example, it just one product only until you hear there is no re-bill. It’s like 1.0. The gravity is 171. But again, the gravity is not everything the comments that I’m going to give you an example.

If somebody have a very good product and they’re selling it on ClickBank. Obviously, Common Sense will tell us that okay, even the product is really good. And it’s selling but the gravity numbers did not really catch up with it because it’s going to take time.

It doesn’t happen from the first or the second or the third week. It takes a little bit of time so you can start making sense of it. Usually, you can’t make sense of it very quickly. So what I’m going to do right here, I’m going to pick something else right there so I can show you for example something that has done with the funnel and residual income and that’s basically what I usually do like, okay like this one right here.

Now, you can tell me if this is a a funnel. Let’s go ahead and take a look. Okay, you can make 50% of whatever they are make whatever they are selling and there is a rebuild. What is that mean? That means they have some kind of continuity program or they have a maybe a monthly.

Billing and this is what that is. This is the average re-billing total that you will make so they do have something and this is something for you to be making money from and this is the average re-billing percentage that you will get.

Okay, in addition to finding the best selling affiliate products on ClickBank with one click of a button. I’m going to go ahead and give you a very good bonus here. This is gonna I use it for a long time.

I’m it’s I use it as a ClickBank as a Gateway. What is that mean simply it means if you have a product that is a little bit expensive a lot of people maybe don’t know you they have no idea who you are.

You can get them in into your email marketing automation or email marketing Autoresponder with a very similar product but less expensive and you can use ClickBank for that. So this is very important because a lot of people try to sell expensive products especially if you are new, you’re not gonna have much success.

So you need to start with something that is less expensive and you can find that on ClickBank so you don’t need to create it. Now you can do it as you have your own product. For example, or you are selling someone else’s product more than likely you are selling.

Someone else’s product. Like obviously you are an Affiliate, but you’re not having any luck. So start with something less expensive get him into your autoresponder, then sell them the more expensive product.

Here’s how we’re going to go ahead and talk about something very important that can actually triple your income or in case you are not selling a product or you have a hard time with it. You can use this hack or trick that I have been using for 8 years.

I did teach it to many of my entrepreneurs to In fifty percent did not have any experience with affiliate marketing or online marketing how to find the best selling affiliate product on ClickBank plus.

use ClickBank as a Gateway all this it actually started with a video that I have done before and Diana here. She noticed something that I said while I was doing my video, which is a YouTube video you can watch it.

I’ll probably teach you, I will tell you exactly where to go to watch it. But she said you spoke about using products on ClickBank as a gateway to a different product to get sales for another product.

Can you do a video on that, please in the meantime? I will be checking out your other videos. So what I did I granted her the wish and I’m going to go ahead and do that because she paid attention to what I was saying and Is she going to get the rewards and I guess whoever is watching this they going to get the rewards because you can sell it anything any product that you create or expensive product that you have that you want to sell but you’re not getting any luck.

So I want to show you how to do that using ClickBank how to find the best selling product. This is basically what are we going to be talking about how to find the best selling product on ClickBank with one click of a button.

We also going to be talked about How to filter the best products on ClickBank with two clicks I’ll show you that here will go to the platform which is ClickBank platform here in just a second. But here I want to just kind of like give you an overview of what’s going to happen in this video how to use this best-selling product on ClickBank as a gateway to sell other products.

Now some people might ask when to use the affiliate Gateway method actually you can use it anytime but usually if you are a beginner with know Experience or if you want to sell expensive affiliate products and Prospect usually don’t know you or they don’t know much about you or you haven’t you’re not you don’t have a whole lot of experience and you can use this.

Also if you want to sell your own product, but it’s expensive and you’re having problems with Buyers as well. And also if you want to sell your own product, but you have no social proof. Now what happened? Is that the biggest success In this type of a hack is that this a lot of the products that you pick from ClickBank platform? They do have social proof already.

So you don’t have to have your own social proof. Okay, you don’t have to create your own social proof, maybe because you’re new it’s going to take time for you to have your own social proof and I have done it many years.

I created a tremendous amount of money without any social proof and then up, but mostly I Concentrate on joint venture and on coaching. Okay. So what is affiliate Gateway product? I’m going to go ahead and explain it in just a little bit here.

This is ClickBank product, which I’m going to show you here in just a little bit. I’m going to show you exactly what I just talked about how to pick the product how to filter it and so on now what happened is that you want to go from here.

You want to put people in your ecosystem. Maybe you trying to sell some product, but you’re not having good luck. For example, you are selling you want. To sell maybe your own product or you want to sell another affiliate product that is kind of expensive and nobody is biting.

So what do you want to do the idea is to have these people come from here because I’m going to show you how to pick the best product how to filter it and which way is the best way to approach an in selling this product by right here, but the idea is to take them from here and put them here one good.

Something that is very good about this. Is that what happening people are buying if they bought this is these are very good, you know people to have in your autoresponder. I’m talking about your email autoresponder because now if they bought you can sell them something that is very similar and maybe a little bit more powerful obviously something very important that you have very good.

You have to pay a lot of good and very good attention to is this your your ecosystem what I’m talking about? About the product that you are selling have to be related all together another word. You can’t be selling something about you know diet and then the next thing you’re selling something about how to make money online.

They all have to be the same. Otherwise, this is not going to work. Okay, it might work for just one or two products that you have under your belt. But with the rest, you are wasting your time. So the idea is this this this product right here from ClickBank.

It has to be proven products. Price is Right and a Philly tool has to be present. So what are we going to do right now is we’re going to go ahead and show you how to find this product so you can increase your bottom line.

So let’s go ahead and go. Okay, here we are on clickbank.com. Now, all you have to do is go to affiliate market place. Now, I’m assuming that you already registered and you have joined ClickBank.

So this is the platform and it’s very easy to go ahead and do that. This is a trick that I’ve been using for about 7 years. Now. All you have to do is just click here one time and what’s going to happen here.

You’re going to have all the product the best selling product right here. This is the second. Selling product and this is the third fourth and so on. Now what you can do you can you know expand this a little bit if you want to but again, there are two things that you have to filter we talked about doing some filter with 2 clicks and these are very important.

So under the attribute right here, what you want to do is click on this one mobile because everything or everybody right now is using mobile and also you want to make sure to use must Have affiliate tools page.

So you have two of them support for mobile traffic and must have an affiliate tools page. You click those to obviously the reason is because you don’t want to create your own affiliate assets. The assets will be provided by the maker or the creator of the product that you are selling.

Okay. So this is very important for you to do now. I’m going to go ahead and show you something. Obviously, I don’t know what is your Niche so you have to go through this and find something that is very familiar or very close to your Niche or sub Niche obviously better to have a sub Niche than just a niche.

So what you do is you go and you pick the best thing that is close to what you have or what do you want to sell or if you want to just a build the list also do the same thing and what I recommend is for you to get something around the $49.

Something like this. So if somebody is not willing to pay because not willing to pay, you know, 49 or 50 dollars or fifty-five dollars for something that is going to help them. Why because these are the best products guys.

Okay. These are the best thing that you can ever buy. These are selling very well. Now when that happens, what you do is you pick your own product. I’m going to go ahead and maybe click on this one right here.

As an example only because again, you have to pick something that is in your sub Niche or your Niche. Okay, let’s go ahead and click on on this one right here. So what’s going to happen? You’re going to end up in here? Okay.

Now what happened right there, you do have a lot of asset and these are the assets that I’m talking about that you don’t want to create on your own. You have your links. Obviously. I’m not going to click on that.

That’s self-explanatory. Banners, it’s good to have them Facebook ad kit this not all of them have that guy’s not all of them have a Facebook ad kit, which is very powerful because you can use ads or similar to the edge and I’m going to show you in just a little bit and email swipe files.

It takes a long time to create a really good swipe file about I’m talking about email swipe files regarding the product that you want to create. Let’s go ahead and click on banners this Going to give you an idea of banners that you going to maybe use a do not recommend using the exact banners, but create something similar to them.

All you have to do just go on fiverr.com and ask someone to do something close to that. Otherwise, a lot of people will see the same thing and it’s not gonna look good. Now, let’s go ahead and go to Facebook at add kit, which is very powerful.

But very powerful here, what they do in is they they said that they will provide you some images and things like that again do not use the same one unless you really want to and not a whole lot of people are using them or taking advantage of them or maybe doing Facebook ads.

Also you also have the Facebook ad a copies which are included in here obviously also again you want to maybe tweak them a little bit so they can match your style. Now we’re going to go ahead and talk a little bit about the email swipes.

You do have a lot of swipes here, which is really the most consuming process of creating emails is already here for you again, I would recommend that you’ll do the same thing tweak the stuff because you don’t want to have what everyone everyone else is doing? Because a lot of people they just copy and they do it the like the like there’s No better word.

I mean the easy way the lazy way and and they don’t get a lot of good responses because a lot of people who are getting these emails. They have seen it so many times. But anyway now all you have to do again is to make sure to pick something from from here and to go and start marketing that product the idea again is when people click on your stuff.

What I mean by that is that they are getting a good product with a very little with a lot of assets that you don’t have to create you get in buyers and then the rest is history. So make sure that you following what I just mentioned here to you right here is that you get people in and then you get into your ecosystem, you get into your email responder if you want access to a good autoresponder check out the description area below.

Because I do have the one that I recommend the cheap ones really, they’re not that good and they’re very hard to use when things are hard to use the cost you money frustration and they do not really contribute to your success.

Anyway, the one that I have is that expensive, but it’s one of the best ones ever make sure to check the next video which is going to be valuable right here and make sure to subscribe a drop a like and hit that notification button so you can get the first information firsthand before anybody else.

See you at the top.

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Videly Review 2021 ❇️ Big Bonuses, Discounts and FAQ 😱

Click below for this product!

Hey my name is Phil and welcome to the channel  in today’s video we’re going to be reviewing a   product named Videly. and in this Videly review  I’m going to be sharing exactly what Videly is   what it does and what it can do for you and  your business now.

Just to let you know this   is actually the second time I’ve reviewed this  particular product reason being as I had a load   of people asking questions so i thought i would  actually answer those on this video and have a   more current up-to-date 2021 version and on top  of that i’ve also created three bonus training   courses that i’m actually throwing in for some  people who wish decide to get started with Videly   more information down in the description  so if you want to get three bonus courses   for no extra cost make sure you use the link in  the description so first of all what is vidley   well vidly is a video marketing tool that helps  you rank your videos on popular search engines now   the main search engines it focuses on is google  and youtube but it also works for things like bing   and pinterest and amazon and there’s a few others  inside as well now the really good thing about   this tool right which makes it different to other  tools is it actually scans the searches on these   search engines to give you the lowest competition  with the highest amount of search volume so if you   wanted to create a video in a particular niche  or about a particular product you can find what   opportunities are available that you can actually  create videos on that keyword rank it on the   search engines and actually get results quickly  versus you know trying to fight for rankings with   so many other people that are currently on youtube  so it’s a very ninja way to actually getting your   videos ranked right now vidli is actually a  series of tools like i mentioned of earlier   it isn’t just keywords right it also does things  like video details it also does niche analysis   it also scans your existing videos to help you  find out which ones you can actually improve   and it also has a rank tracking feature which  is actually my favorite tool i use it every   single day because it lets me know how my videos  are actually tracking as well as giving me my   statistics for those videos so what i’m going  to do right now is i’m actually going to jump   behind the screen i’m going to show you all about  vidley and what you can expect okay first of all   i’m going to show you about the different pricing  inside of vidley i know if you go to vidley.

com   you’re actually going to be facing a 497 price  point which is far too ridiculous but if you   use the link in the description it’s also going  to allow you to get a nice discount down to 47   so make sure you use that there is a few upsells  of course one is being the pro version i’ll show   you those features in a minute which i believe is  another 47 and then there is also the agency which   is a little bit more expensive but it allows you  to have features like reselling rights and having   a done for you website and plug-and-play templates  things like that but personally if you were to buy   anything i’d either choose the base plan or the  base and pro that’s what i highly recommend so   this is the dashboard once you actually get inside  vidly one question i got asked is is vidley and   video marketing blaster the same thing it actually  is however video marketing blaster is a software   just like vidley it’s the exact same software but  it is a windows only software so you download it   rather than using it on a cloud or in a browser  right so vidley is the cloud version video   marketing blaster is the desktop version right  for windows only so that’s one question i have   so vidley can be used on any computer um any type  of browser it can be on like a raspberry pi or it   could be on a mac or a windows doesn’t matter you  can use it on everything so what you’ll notice   when you come inside here is we have actually six  different features that you can use inside the   toolbar actually five the first is the dashboard  but inside here it tells you how many actually   keywords you’ve searched in the last sort of 30  days as it’s been the christmas period i’ve sort   of taken a bit of time off but as you can see i  personally own the vidley standard and the vidley   pro memberships i can also get the agency if i  wish now if we start off with the features one   by one uh we’ll start off with keywords right  now keywords is probably the most powerful   tool inside of this particular series of tools and  the reason being is it finds opportunities where   other people have left holes or there is a hole  in the industry where you can create videos and   rank and get traffic right so for an example if i  typed in the word click funnels which is actually   what i did last time and i click on search what  it’s going to do is it’s going to scan the word   click funnels and try to find opportunities where  i can create content to rank on the internet   so at the moment if you look over here if i scroll  down a little bit first you can see at the bottom   we have this thing called here’s all the different  search engines sorry so we’ve got youtube   competitors google bing yahoo pinterest ebay and  amazon so there are a lot of search engines that   you can actually look for opportunities and me  personally i just like to do the two main search   engines google and bing and then of course youtube  on top now if we come to the top you can see the   interest of click funnels over the last year so  it looks like it had a bit of a peak with with i   think the covered lockdowns started happening so  people working from home they’re obviously trying   to um learn about click funnels a little bit more  it seems to be dying off a little bit which is   quite interesting but that’s the interest for the  past year we’ve also got things like search volume   estimated youtube views per month all this sort of  good stuff i don’t really personally take too much   notice of this it doesn’t really matter too much  if you use the particular method that i’m about   to show you so if we come down here we have all  of these particular types of keywords that have   quite a bit of search volume with low  competition so if we have a look here   how to use click funnels it’s the 100 recommended  keyword to use you can rank potentially on google   as well as youtube which is quite good and  there is a monthly search volume of 3200 so   if you did a video on exactly how to use click  funnels and that is your particular key phrase   that you want to use you could potentially rank  it’s saying it’s the easiest word with the right   amount of searches to actually go for now if  you look in the yt competitors one this is a   little bit inaccurate in saying that um there’s  420 000 videos about click funnels and how to   use click funnels it’s not entirely accurate um  however it is a good guideline of sort of how many   competitors are actually talking about that one  particular thing for example if we were going to   go and have a look at how to promote click  funnels as an affiliate compared to how to   use click funnels basically the way i read it is  use click funnels versus um versus promote click   funnels two different keywords if you follow sort  of that angle of promoting it rather than how to   use it you know there’s probably less competitors  in the promoting type area if that makes sense   now on the right we actually have the monthly  volume however this is just an estimate majority   of the time if these keywords are even here it  means that people are searching it that’s the way   i like to look at it if it says there’s less than  100 searches per month that’s usually not the case   i’ve done videos for searches less than 100 and  i’ve had thousands of views a month so basically   just take these uh parts into consideration the  recommendation and the platform the source it’s on   if it’s on the 100 recommendation recommended or  if you scroll down and it goes slowly down just   use them from the top down if you can use any of  the the top 10 sort of thing i would basically go   for the top 10.

if it’s 100 i’d always try to go  for the 100 recommended one reason being it’s got   an algorithm behind it there’s a lot of variables  that we don’t see so if i was just do off one   particular thing i’d go off the recommended and  making sure you’re in the right source if that   makes sense you can also it only scans the first  10 for search volume if you really wanted to see   how much there was in there basically if you  wanted to get more just select another 10 and   then you click get competitors volume so that’s  basically the keyword tool you can use it for   any particular thing no matter how competitive the  keyword you’re actually going for what i recommend   you do is come in here type in the keyword and  see what opportunities are available to rank for   so let’s just say we wanted to go to how to use  click funnels that can be our keyword what we can   actually do now is go into the next section which  is video details now video details is a little   bit of an interesting one if i click on generate  details and type in the main keyword right what   it’s going to do is give me two sort of titles  that are an outline it is a little bit confusing   seeing these the way i i see this particular title  part it’s the weirdest part in the whole system   is one has a emojis one doesn’t i usually choose  the one without emojis and add them in later   but basically what i’ll do is come to next it’s  going to ask for some secondary keywords so pretty   much supporting keywords so i could do things like  how does clickfunnels work how to is click funnels   worth it and also what is clickfunnels those are  three pretty generic words so i’m going to go to   next inside here you can put in your website  link um if it’s an affiliate link if it’s for   a landing page all that sort of good stuff and  try to add in your current channels as well it’s   really good for sending out social signals to  things as well um for this example i’m not going   to bother doing it what i can do here though  just to show you what will happen is type in um   this this is my clickfunnels affiliate link  so i’ll click on generate it’s going to ask   if you want to generate these details and i’m  going to click generate so basically what this   is going to do it works really fast is it’s  going to set an outline of what video details   should look like for this particular  video now what i like to think of it as   it is a robot doing a robot’s job so it’s showing  how google likes to read information however it’s   not how humans process it but it does give us  a very good guideline i’ll show you what i mean   so what i’m going to do is come in here i’m going  to click on the title and then up on the right   here we have a title description and we’ve also  got some tags now it is not going to be perfect   straight off the bat but it is going to give you a  very good outline of how the uh the video details   should actually look so how to use click funnels  is click funnels worth it very very good start   um maybe i would put here full demo something like  that so basically what you want to do is every   time you have words outside of the highlighted  text so the green is your primary the second   or the the red is your secondary keyword basically  you want to keep the same structure you just want   to re-word a few words just to make it sound more  human right this is just a software it is just   doing the robot’s job of giving you exactly how  it wants to be read all we need to do is tidy it   up a bit so don’t change any of the keywords don’t  delete entire sentences just rewrite them a little   bit right and you’ll notice there are some bits  missing like facebook instagram if you did put   yours in there it’s completely fine if you didn’t  you can um actually backspace that stuff there   but apart from that it’s pretty good right so i’ll  just delete that um it’s a little bit robotic but   you know if this was an actual video i was gonna  do i would um go through it a little bit better   regardless this is gonna rank as it is now at the  bottom we’ve also got some tags which is amazing   so basically what would happen is i  would now go off i would create a video   specifically in this order of words how to use  click funnels this clickfunnels worth it and   i’ll shoot an entire video about it you know walk  people through all the questions they’re asking   i’ll try to actually say these particular bullet  points inside of the video if possible right   and then once it’s done what i can do is go to  youtube upload video here’s my title copy and   paste here’s my description copy and paste and  then here’s my tags copy and paste now doing it   in this particular order using this exact wording  is actually going to get you more juice so you can   potentially rank on google super quick as well  as youtube super quick as well if you do this   with a very low competition keyword you  can rank instantly if you do it with a   more competitive one it can take a little bit of  time what i recommend doing if that’s the case   is create similar videos around the same topic and  link them all together right so in the description   each time you add one link it together or put  it in a playlist if that makes sense but this   is a gold mine seriously this is a gold mine  when it comes to ranking videos i’ve got loads   of other examples of this as well i’ll um i’ll  leave a link in the description to another video   so the next part we’re going to look at is a  pro tool and this is the niche analysis right   niche analysis is basically showing you what your  your sort of niche is up to what your sort of uh   keyword and categories up to so if i typed in  click funnels here it’s going to show me the   top competitors for the keyword click funnels  right so in a second it’s going to pop up with   all of these videos showing me how everyone  is doing so here we have mr builderpreneur   himself he is ranking number one for the  word click funnels um it says here he’s got   stats he’s got a six out of ten for stat score  which is quite interesting that’s based on the   amount of views comments likes and then he’s  also got a channel score and then a social score   in terms of seo though he’s crushing it that’s  why he’s on top as you can see the ones below   him aren’t actually ranking 10.

um so this is why  he’s actually sitting on number two the number one   position very nicely it’s because his seo is  in order and if you use the information inside   of the video details generator you’ll have a very  similar score as well so what you would do is have   a look on here once again these these numbers  at the top right they’re good however they’re   not super accurate you can still rank number one  without getting 40 000 views things like that it’s   just giving you a sort of idea of the people that  are currently at the top what you can expect if   you can get on the top as well right so it’s very  very cool thing so that’s niche analysis basically   what i would do is come in here if the keyword  i’m searching for someone’s got a 10 at the top   it’s going to be very hard to beat especially  if you haven’t uploaded many videos in the past   google likes it when uh people post a lot of  videos consistently then i would probably choose   another keyword right so if i typed in here how  to use click funnels right and clicked research   this would give me an indication of what people  are ranking at and what i can expect if i can   actually potentially beat them right so here we  go he’s ranking number eight for this particular   keyword right so if i created a video based on how  to use click funnels potentially i could beat him   for this however if it was just for clickfunnels  he’d be beating me if that makes sense right so   let’s get on to the next section which is actually  the video report and this particular tool is   great for people that have already created a  youtube channel already have youtube videos   basically what i’ve done is i’ve just copied this  video here and i’m just going to scan it to see   how it’s doing so i’m going to type in the keyword  that i’m going for i’m going to click on search   and it’s going to give me a list of suggestions  i can actually do for my video to make it better   so if i come on here have a look down it  says my secondary keyword is not in the title   which is very true it’s not there title was not  translated so that’s a very good point if i went   and translated this video into multiple languages  i could actually get more rankings for overseas   languages as well which is pretty cool for the  description it says here my keyword density is too   low so i need to add my keyword in the description  a few more times channel link is not found so i   need to add my channel link actually in there  as well and description is not translated you   can actually translate these very easily as well  which is cool if i go to tags keyword appears a   few times in the tags so obviously i need to  put a labrie review and then add a few extra   things inside of it and then finally for video  it’s saying no facebook engagement captions are   not translated video does not contain captions but  as you can see it actually goes through multiple   different amounts of like uh issues that you  could potentially face to show you what it has   regardless i think this video is pretty good i’m  at a 98 thumbs up which i think is my likes um 80   solved and 20 problems i could fix so if i wasn’t  ranking number one for this particular video which   i currently am is there’s not much competition  once again looking for those golden nuggets   um i could beef this up a little bit and then  stay on number one for a long time so that is   video report this is perfect for someone that just  buys the software and they want to see how their   current videos are going maybe they need to  get them ranking up a little bit higher this   is absolutely perfect to do that you just go  through each video fix all the issues and then   just watch over the next couple of days as your  ranking starts going up and as we’re talking   about ranking let’s get into the very last tool  of vidley which is my favorite the rank tracker   right so each time you create a video you add the  video link and the keyword into rank tracker and   what it’s going to do is it’s going to monitor  how your ranking is going so first of all i’m   just going to put it by rank so these these videos  i’m unfortunately not ranking for at the moment   but if we scroll down a little bit further you can  see i’m ranking for a ton of videos on number one   bunch on number two some on number three and then  there’s some going down as well so basically if we   wanted to look at it here’s your youtube rank it’s  telling you how you’re doing so over time this   is stayed at number one this one’s slipped number  two but come back this one was at number it’s   just going up and down and now i’ve been pushed  completely off the top 40 and so on so you can see   this little graph here and if we go down a little  bit further you can see on this the next column   we’ve got google rank so this video for example  is ranking number one so if you look up for it   in youtube so i’ll put in here profile bud  review right you can see my video is ranking   here right so that’s that’s showing me that i’m  on number one on google which is absolutely true   um and that goes the same for all of these as  well now just because i’m ranking number one   on youtube doesn’t mean i’m going to be number  one on google and also vice versa for example   here’s one where i’m actually ranking number one  on google but number two on youtube so it’s two   different search engines two different ideas  of how everything’s going so keep that in mind   now next we’ve got views likes and comments this  gives you an idea of how your videos are going   now obviously i’m not ranking anywhere so i’m  not getting any views which is a pain keeping in   mind that’s why we need to be ranking number one  however if we come down a little bit for example   this divi review i got 13 views i believe that is  just for this morning it’s not late in the day so   it will keep going overnight then you’ve  also got things like likes and comments   and then this just basically says are there  videos listed on google right so it’s a very   very powerful tool as you can see over time you  can see how many uh videos you get in the top 40   also on google as well you can see over time my  i’m just getting more and more videos ranking on   google and then it also tells you your channel’s  views as well which is very amazing so that’s   pretty much vidly guys it is an extremely powerful  tool what i’m going to do right now is actually   go behind the camera once more and answer all of  these questions that i was asked okay so that was   vidly as you can see it’s a really powerful tool  it’s got so many features that you can actually   use to increase your youtube rankings if you use  all of the tools available then you will be able   to increase your rankings it is that powerful  trust me um that was the demo anyway that’s my   back office as you can see i’ve got tons of number  one rankings and that’s what you should try to aim   for now just before i go i just want to talk  about some questions that people have asked me   um so i’ll just power through these right now  first of all vidley versus video marketing blaster   like i mentioned earlier video marketing blaster  is the windows only downloadable software version   so if you’re on mac don’t even look at video  marketing blaster it’s not going to work vidley   is the cloud-based version you can log into it  from your phone you can log into it from any type   of desktop as long as you have a browser which is  very good also another question asked was there is   no search volume for the keywords like i mentioned  earlier don’t take those numbers 100 seriously   they’re always going to have more search volume  than is listed there if you’re ranking number one   for a keyword it suggests you don’t get any video  views in a month let me know because i have never   come across that so you might have found a unicorn  it doesn’t matter what it says there is always   search volume if the keyword phrase is there  uh next one does it cause bans it doesn’t cause   bans because it doesn’t log into your youtube  account it doesn’t do anything to do with youtube   basically it’s just searching the search engines  and reporting data you’re never connecting your   youtube to the actual software so it doesn’t do  any bands next of all can’t proceed with payment   link i’ve updated that check out the link in the  description for the discount link plus bonuses   um is Videly a pro version once again when you  join Videly it’ll be on the base version if you   want to get the pro features you get the option  to upgrade anytime you want in the back office   and last of all is it the same creators as video  marketing blaster it is the exact same creators   they just decided to create a cloud-based version  and a windows based version and that’s it guys   that’s basically all the questions um hopefully  I’ve covered everything if you have any questions   let me know in the descriptions but that is  the Videly review i hope you’ve enjoyed it   once again if you want to grab some bonus courses  those are available in the description make sure   you go and follow those instructions but that’s  it for me guys i hope you’ve enjoyed this video if   you did make sure you smash that thumbs up button  and if you haven’t yet make sure you subscribe for   more videos i’ve got a lot of bonuses as well in  the description so make sure you check those out   and that’s it from me okay guys  i’ll see you on the next video

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Hi there manuel here – and you probably found this video because you’re. Looking into this, the fast track. Yeah, you’re, looking for 1k a day fast track review or you’re. Just look doing some research.

You found it, you think, is it for me um it’s also called the 1k fast track system as well. So you know it does it does kind of go by by those two names you know, but i am going to get into that review in a second.

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You can click on that, get completely free access to that four part. Video course all right, so let’s get started so the fast tracks. This is called the 1k a day system, the fast tracks, because this, the per the guy here his name’s, um melvin holmes, make sure i’m.

Getting this right. Actually um merlin homes yeah his name’s. Merlin holmes is saying that he’s. Gon na he can teach you a system to make a thousand dollars a day. Yeah he’s, which is a decent amount.

I mean you know that that’s, that’s, a decent amount of money. You know um because he he’s tested and he’s tweaked and he’s, been in in marketing himself. For a few years – and he found the solution and he’s now making what’s this, how he earns up to 14 000 per day just been sending a quick email to people who visit my odd two-page website.

And now you can get a copy of everything i use for this. What it is it’s, it’s, a clickbank product, and when you go to it, you you register via this and it’s, a webinar. It’s about an hour and a bits webinar and where he’s, going to kind of talk you through some of the differences that he he believes that he can show you to actually make affiliate marketing work.

His little tweaks on on certain things is that he says traffic. One people are paying too much for traffic in this industry and, secondly, they’re, doing things wrong, as in they’re, trying to give away something for free.

He’s saying you know: why should you go out there and and make a book or whatever or take all that time to give away something for free when you should be doing it a different way and hit the way he proposes? Is that you use like polling opt-in pages so like say, for example, you get to to an opt-in page where it says, would you like to lose weight? Yes or no so the person pre-qualifies themselves first and then, if they say yes, then you send them to affiliate products.

So like clickbank products in that weight, loss niche, you know so you’ll. Have you & # 39? Ll? Have products already pre-ready to go and if they say yes, they’re interested in weight loss, then they’ll, be shown the product and he he thinks that’s.

One way around of of you keep creating free content to give away to people to build your list in exchange. You know. The other thing he says is about traffic most people when they first get into affiliate marketing.

They’re, told to do facebook, ads, google ads and maybe solo ads as well. Do you know what i mean so those things can add up. He’s, saying like especially facebook, sort of money. You can pay, for those sort of ads can really go through the roof, so he’s now proposing that you use what we call second-tier ad networks, and one of them is here this one’s called adrev what they are in Essence is that you know you can pay ad rev address has a big following of all these different sites, and they can put your ads on all these really really big sites yeah and it costs a lot lot cheaper that the clicks and everything’S a lot cheaper than say trying to trying to work out facebook ads or google ads.

You know these are some of the sites that potentially you can get your ads on and they’re big sites yeah. So it’s. Things like fox music, universal time life, you know and all this sort of thing, so he’s saying he uses these second-tier networks like this and maybe um the other one was rev um web content.

So he’s, saying he’s using these and his return on his investment is massive and he can teach you how to do this. You know so in you know in essence, it’s. It’s. Affiliate marketing with a little spin instead of using opt-in pages using these polling pages instead of using what most affiliate marketers are told to do and go and do solo ads.

He’s. Using these these second-tier ad networks which do work, they do do work. You know, but here’s here’s, the rub. I i think he’s been in doing it long enough. He sounds honest enough. I watched the webinar sounds honest enough, so he potentially can help you to do it.

It does cost 997 dollars to actually get inside into the program. Do you know he says he can help you with all the stuff that he’s saying so. It is quite an expensive program: it’s, the top it’s, a top tier type program.

But the thing you also have to remember is that ad networks, uh, is paid advertising, so you are gonna, be having to put some money in to test and tweak and get the right audience the thing about paid advertising.

Is you got ta, get the right message to the right audience to then get that audience the right type of audience that then willing to buy your products? And then, when you get all of that working, then you can ramp up the amount of money that you’re spending on it, but to get all that work in usually costs a bit of money 500 to a thousand dollars, usually any paid advertising Campaign i’ve ever tried to do is usually you’re gonna have to spend a bit of money because it it doesn’t just mean that you go and you go and you put put an ad and It goes on fox music and you’re.

Just gonna make money. No do you know because neces, not necessarily if somebody came to fox music, are they looking to potentially say lose weight? They might see your ad, they might click on it. They might go to one of these polling pages, they might even press yes, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they were out there looking for something to buy, they might say: yes, they might go end up on a sales page and they think well.

What am i doing here, you’re, still going to have to learn how to take the the person and get them give them value so that they tend to they. They know how to yeah. Then they know you like you and trust you.

So i lose my words there. You know you’re still gonna have to build that relationship. I still think that’s, it that’s. The missing piece, sometimes with these things they’re, not showing you how to build a relationship.

I mean i don’t. I don’t deny that if you follow his training, he’s, probably going to help you. You know, but i just think, like these sort of things do miss out sometimes on the building of the relationship.

If you’re building a list more important than just building the list is knowing how do i get that list to know me like me and trust me that’s, the most important thing you know what i mean. So you know that that’s, my kind of temperance on this.

It is a top tier products. It’s, almost a thousand dollars, and if you want to have a look at it, it’s called the 1k fast track to system. Do you know me personally what i can personally help you with? Is that bit i’m talking about and helping you take a prospect to a buyer by building value.

You know i mean that’s, the things that i’ve learned in affiliate marketing and that’s. What’s turned my things around in affiliate marketing and that’s. Why i put together this four-part affiliate marketing course that will teach you the essentials of that teach you about traffic.

You know, yes, you can get traffic from paid traffic. Um ways, but also it’s. It’s good to get traffic where the person ‘ S actually put their hand up and says. I’m looking to buy something already that’s more than pre-qualified.

You know i mean, rather than sort of this isn’t 100 qualified. I don’t think you know, i mean just pressing a yes on a poll. Doesn’t necessarily mean i want to buy anything. You know so yeah like i said it will teach you about the traffic getting the right types of people to the right to the right types of offers, so turning traffic into leads and then turning leads into sales and doing that on a consistent basis.

So that’s, why i put together this four part course, if it’s, something that you may want to have a look at, i’m, going to leave a link below this video. You can click on that. You get completely free access to that four-part, affiliate marketing course.

You know, but either way. I hope you got some value from this. If you did please take a second just give it a thumbs up or just share it with anyone else. You think mike gets the value from as well. If you have any questions, any comments are told, and please just take a second and just leave it in the comments box below all right.

Once again, thanks for listening to my 1k a day fast track review until next time, you take care speak soon, all the best take

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