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Hey, it’s Reed Floren here and I’m going to
give you a quick review and bonus video on Kevin Fahey’s. IM checklists. So we’re going to scroll
down here through my site. We’ll look into his sales pages, we’ll look at the upgrades and we’ll
check out my bonuses for this offer.

IM checklist, so you can see here that IM checklist
is designed to help make your marketing easier and more profitable, and you’re also gonna get access to his
premium marketing checklist and 37 hours of training.

Plus he does live monthly webinar training
that you can attend as a member of IM checklists, and you can get in here for a trial for
$3 you get access to this for five days for $3 and then it jumps
up to 1795 a month, which is incredibly cheap.

You get access
to the new checklist that he puts out, plus you could access to. His additional training that he
does is through those webinars. Plus you get access to all the back
training that he’s put in there, that 37 hours.

So you’re
going to get checklists, volume number 25 which is
about membership sites. And you get going to get 18 checklists
here and you’re going to discover what it takes to build a six figure membership
site while working a few hours each week.

Okay? So you get that,
you’ll get membership, you’ll get IM checklist volume
26 which is lead sources. Now every marketer needs leads. And we’ve got you covered
with these 18 checklists, solving your lead
generation problem for good.

So it covers different ways of
generating leads for your business. And then you get IM checklist
volume number 27 which is
daily tasks planning and staying organized. So you’re going
to learn how to be more productive, you’re gonna learn how to
work less and earn more, and that’s all within
18 different checklists.

Then volume number 28
is all about funnels. And you’re gonna learn how to turn
your funnels into cash producing, customer generating or session
proof machines that work for you, 24 seven to create a business that
provides you true safety and freedom.

And then as you continue to
be a member of IM checklist, she’ll get new checklists. So the next one is on April
30th, and this is on e-commerce. So if you wanted to sell stuff online
and sauna sell physical products online, you’re definitely gonna
want to get that checklist.

And in may you’re going to get access to
Instagram marketing says this checklist 30, and it’s all on Instagram
and how you can market on there. So you get from the files here as rebrand, double document files.

So you can
actually repurpose this content. You can sell this content and you can
turn this content into videos and a blog post and all sorts of different things
that you can do with this content. So it’s really cool.

So you
get the, the document files, so you get access to them as um, like a, a word document and an Excel document
and, and Google sheets document. You also get printable PDF so you
can just print them off.

In fact, I’ve got binders of his stuff, I’ll print it off on
my bookshelf behind me. So it’s really nice to just have those
and have access to them anytime I need. I’ve been a member of this for quite
awhile and he’s doing a launch right now and doing a real special offer, giving people issues of some of his recent
checklists so you can get in and not only at a really good trial here
for $3, but you get access to, I think it’s five shirts.

That’s a checklist here,
so it’s a really cool deal. He’s got the interactive mindmaps
here, so that’s kind of cool. I can show you that when I go in. You got the Google and Excel spreadsheets
and it’s all interactive as well, so it’s really cool.

Now you could
rebrand and sell this over and over again. You could turn them into videos,
you could turn them into upsells, you could turn them into blog posts, you could turn them into
bonuses for promotions.

That’s something I’ve done before. You can turn it into content
for a membership site. You can use it to build your email list, so imagine someone signs up for a
checklist that you’re giving out online.

They could opt in on your site and join
your email list and you give them one of these checklists files to as an
ethical pride. That’s really cool. You can use them to increase the
value of your existing products.

So that’d be kind of like bonuses or
additional worksheets to go with the product that you’ve created. You could turn them into a webinar so you
could turn them into a webinar and you know, either use that to sell something
or turn into like a high ticket coaching program.

There’s a lot of value
in here. It’s really cool. So the next bullet here is turning
them into a coaching program. You could translate them. That’s a
really cool idea. So if you know, you could either translate
them yourself, you know, a different language or you could hire
someone to translate these documents and really dominate.

You know, I’ve heard of people that live in other
countries outside of the United States and they take information that they
learn at different internet marketing centers and seminars and buying sort of
the high ticket coaching programs that are sold online or sold
at different events.

And they kind of make their own version
of it and do it in their own language. And they are making bank doing that in
their own country because there’s no one else doing it. They are, they become the internet marketing guru
in their area and everyone flexed in them and buys from them.

So it was a really cool thing if you have
that unique skillset or you could just hire it out. Now you could also educate yourself
and profit from these checklists, either following the steps
yourself to, you know, make your internet marketing better.

Or handing these off to say an intern
or an outsourcer or a family member and having them help you set up your internet
marketing stuff a lot more efficiently and better. So that’s definitely
something you can do with this.

That’s really cool. So you’re also gonna get access to new
checkout volumes every single month as part of your membership and a, that’s normally $37 but for coming in
a month here for coming in through this special deal, you’re going to get access
for for $3 for the first five days.

And that’s going to charge
you 1795 a month ongoing. So you’re going to get a nice discount
and be a member of IM checklists. You’ll see a bunch of testimonials here,
including I gave Kevin a testimonial, uh, may, may months ago, actually,
probably a year or two ago, uh, for this service cause I think it’s
really valuable and it was almost like, uh, you know, like airplane pilots and they follow a
checklist when they are taking off for an airplane or they’re flying their
plane or they’re landing an airplane.

They’re following a checklist to
make sure that you arrived safely. And that’s really what these
checklists allow you to do. It gives you a step by step system
for your business to follow. There are people that spend millions
of dollars to invest in a McDonald’s franchise.

And a lot of that is because McDonald’s
has figured out how to turn the business of selling burgers into an easy to distill
formula in a system that 14 1516 year old kids can follow and make a burger
that tastes the same in Minnesota as it would taste the same in Washington
D C or in London, England.

I mean, it’s just amazing
what they’ve been able to do. My making a system, making a formula and having people follow
checklists to produce a burger that essentially tastes the same all over
the world and now you can take that same principle and instead of
shelling out millions of dollars, you could spend three bucks to
get access to the same systems, the same checklist, the
same formula that Kevin, a seven figure marketer
is using in his business, and then you can just stay a member in
and continue to get those checklists.

Plus you have the rights
to sell these checklists. You can do all sorts of things with
these checklists so you can not only use them to grow your own business but
use them to help grow other people’s businesses and get paid handsomely
for it.

So it was really cool. Plus you get flex, this was gold training volt and that has
over 37 hours worth of training on all sorts of different topics here. All sorts of different training
you’re going to learn at time.

I mean really you don’t need to invest
in any other internet marketing training. Just join IM checklist and you’re going
to get these new checklists every month. Plus, you know, this 37 hours of gold training to
really get you up to speed on all things really important and crucial
in your internet business.

Plus you get the live training webinars
that he does every month with unlimited question and answers. Plus I
want to cover bonuses here. Uh, we’ll do that in a little
bit, but uh, you know, we’ll have to go over the terms
here so you know, real quick.

So you can add these, you can add
graphics, you can rebrand them, you can turn them into video training
courses, add them to a membership site, translate them. You can claim
full authorship to this.
You could use an ability, your list, you can use them to turn
into blog posts or infographics.

You can rebrand them and resell them
and you can add them as bonuses, uh, to different products that
you either create or sell. Now you do not have the rights to sell
private label rights to anyone else and you can’t sell master resell rights and
you can’t sell the checklist on JV zoo or warrior plus cause
that’s where he sells them.

And it would just be difficult if everyone
was doing the same thing on the same network. So, uh, you’d have
to sell them somewhere else. But that is definitely
something that you can do. You could S you could package this up
and sell them yourself if you want.

So there’s a lot of potential here. Now there I will cover, I’m actually going to log in here, so
I’m going to log into the site here. She can see this. So you get access to um, his gold member bonuses.

You get access
to the train vault here. You know, I’ll open these up a new tabs. You can
see, you can sign up for his webinar. I think the next one’s, uh, towards the end of the month you can
access the bonus reports and he’s got a Facebook group.

Now you can see we
have the membership sites, leads, horses, daily tests and
planning and funnel. So I’m going to open one of
these up just you can see it. All right, so you get the printable PDFs and this
is something that you can just download and you’ll have access to all of those.

You can have the edible documents. These are in a word file. You could access this either in
Google docs or Microsoft word. You’ve got the mind map, you’ve
got an HTML interactive mind map, got an Excel spreadsheet
in a Google spreadsheet.

You can even just load
up the individual a PDF. So I’m just going to load one up here
real quick just so you can see what they look like. And so this one is on finding a niche
that works for you in your members.

And so it gives you a checklist
to follow on. You know, are these the different steps
that you’ve taken to, you know, figure out what niche is going to work
for you to create your membership site on.

So this particular one is a, it looks like three pages
long and it gives you, you kind of step by step what you need
to be doing in order to have a successful membership site. And this entire volume here for membership
sites is 18 different checklists to help you run that
successful membership site.

Just like Kevin’s doing
in his business here, where he’s got a successful membership
that people are paying monthly to be a member of IM checklist. So it’s a really
great way to learn how to do that.

Now, uh, the, the gold member
bonuses, here’s are some bonuses. I’m going to go into a little more
detail once we go into my, uh, bonus and review page. So I’ll cover
that in a little bit.

And here’s the, uh, gold training volts. So he
just did one the other day. This was on affiliate
marketing done right. And then before that he added
a few other products here, which I’ll talk about a March.

He did one on how he outsources
90{246c0fa82bd4d91e4d826d240e8af80e8da1684998ba2074980798fae80c5db3} of his business in February, did one on Facebook ads and he’s got all
sorts of training here to help you be a better marketer. Then he’s got the next bonus
training webinar is on April 28th.

So you’ll get access to that as long
as you remember of IM checklist. And then he’s got a bunch of different
additional bonuses here that you get access to. Plus he’s got his Facebook group that
has over 3000 members in it and you can ask your different marketing questions
in there and get answers from Kevin in other likeminded individuals.

So we will go over my bonuses here
and we’ll talk about the funnel, uh, for IM checklist. So if
you pick up IM checklist, it’s a $3 trial for five days and then
you pay 1795 a month for continued access to the checklist and for continued
access to the gold training vault and continued access to his monthly webinars
that he does to help train you on how to be a better marketer
and answer your questions.

Plus you get access to
that Facebook group. So upsell number one is IM checklist
volumes one through 24 and this is $197 to get access to this. And if you
were to buy these individually, you would spend $888 to
get access Sue’s volume.

So it’s a really good deal and it’s
going to cover influencer marketing, Google ads mindset, Google analytics, PLR, selling out webinars,
LinkedIn marketing, ClickBank, marketing,
copywriting, YouTube advertising, search engine optimization, how to
make money online with your skills, offline business startups,
building a business on WordPress, self-publishing, outsourcing,
messenger marketing, newbie marketing, Canva, design
sets, graphics, video marketing, affiliate marketing,
social media, marketing, email marketing and pry

I mean really you’re, you’re getting a ton of stuff in there. I mean you don’t have
to buy other training. You’re of get all sorts of stuff.
If you pick up OTO number one, I have made companion videos
for all 460 of those checklists.

So you’re going to get a companion video
that helps you digest this information for every single checklists
and all 24 volumes. So that’s an exclusive bonus
that I’ve put together. You’ll have personal rights to those
videos so you can look at them anytime you want to help you digest these checklists
and succeed in your marketing journey.

Now OTO number two is IM VIP training
2020 2021 pass with over 200 in 50 hours of training. So if you want to go really in depth on
making money online and have access to nail some of Kevin’s top top products, you’re going to want to pick up this.

This a one time offer which sells for
$147 is normally $297 for access to this coaching. But you can pick it up on a special
discount through the I M checklist funnel and you’ll get that for the low price of
$147 now if you decide that that isn’t for you, the next offer is a down sell for a 10 X
traffic and this teaches you how to get more traffic to your sites
and make more money online, which sells for $37 normally retails for $297 so you’ll get access to that if
you decide to pick that up through the funnel.

And then let’s go
over my bonuses real quick. So you’re going to get
access to 20 K extra, and this is going to teach you how
anyone can add an extra $20,000 to their monthly revenue. You’re going to get access to commission
five which shares with you how to ensure all your affiliate promotions
earn thousands of dollars.

You’re going to Axe get access to
bonus number three which is IM newbie. This is a five part webinar training
series of plus 30 part video training course. That’s a design for
a newbie marketer to start
making more money online.

You’ll get access to IM
emails and IM emails pro, and you’re going to legally steal over
eight years of email marketing templates, which have resulted in an over $3
million in online sales for Kevin.

You’re going to get bonus number five,
which is IM funnels and IM funnels pro. And you’re going to get six done for you
proven to convert to sales funnels that have generated a $610,000, uh, that have generated
over $610,000 actually.

And you’ll get access to IM affiliate
funnel 2.0 and this is a brand new video training course, which shares with you how Kevin’s done
a $103,403 and 39 cents in affiliate commissions with just 13
minutes of work per day.

So he’s got a new affiliate training
system in there that you’re gonna get access to. Plus you’re going
to get bonus number seven, which is seven powerful commission
generating affiliate marketing tips.

So this is a report that’s going to go
in depth on how you can promote different products as an affiliate when contests
place on leaderboards when cash and make a bunch of money and promoting
different affiliate offers.

And bonus number eight is my exclusive
bonus that I’ve put together for this, or I’ve made 72 exclusive companion videos
that go along with the checklist that you’re getting instant access to through
IEM checklist for just three bucks.

So you’re going to get my videos for
membership sites, for lead sources, for the daily task planning and staying
organized and the funnels checklist, your MP, able to view those anytime you want to
help you further digest this information and be more successful with your internet
marketing journey and help you really speed things up with these checklists.

So what I need you to do is click the
link next to this page where you can grab your copy of ILM checklist and you’ll
get access to all these bonuses I talk about. All you have to do
is spend the $3 try it out.

I think you’re going to love it. I think
you’re going to stick with it and uh, you know, if you want to get access to those
additional videos that I’ve put together, you’re going to want to check out that
a 460 checklist bundle with PLR for $197 and you can get access to those additional
460 videos that I’ve put together for those checklists as well.

I think that is just a killer deal
for you to get access to that. You may also want to pick up that
training pass because that’s like kidding. Like four different home study courses
all in one package at an incredibly cheap price.

So this is an insane value. I think you’re really
gonna love IM checklist. You’re going to really enjoy Kevin. You’re going to love how he’s laid
everything out and made things just simple and easy to follow.

You just, I’ll put up one of these checklists and
you do the tasks and you’re going to see a big change in your
business. So click that link, sign up for IM checklist, I’ll send you those bonuses and I look
forward to helping you succeed in your internet marketing business.

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