King Of James Affiliate Marketing,Clickbank,Diddly Pay,Marketing Software,Money Making Programs Diddly Pay Pro Review – Does Diddly Pay Pro Software Work?

Diddly Pay Pro Review – Does Diddly Pay Pro Software Work?

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Hi there manuel here – and you probably found this video because you’re. Looking into this diddly pay pro you’re. Looking for a diddly pay pro review, or you know you found it and you’re thinking. To yourself is this going to help me? Can this actually help me with my marketing right, so i am going to go into that in a second.

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Then again, i’ll. Leave a link below this video. You can click on that. You can get completely free access to that. Okay, so let’s get started. This diddly pay pro, so it’s by a guy called um tom winters, and i’m.

Sorry, tom e and brian winters. Yeah. Let’s, not get their amazing mixed up. Um and brian winters has been around for a while. He’s, one of he’s. A top marketer i’ve, actually used one of these products before back.

In the day, and it’s, to is to try and increase what we call viralocity yeah, so you try and get other people to share your products and actually try and use that to help them build your list, yeah your email list.

You know this says how you can you can get 148 leads and 330 dollars in 24 hours. Now you know. Of course they all make these kind of claims. That, like really really quick, do you know, i mean from it from our self-promoting income machine all right now.

I found this product on two platforms. I found it on the warrior plus and on clickbank so and it’s slightly differently priced on um clickbank. This is the same product that’s selling different page. They’re selling it for twenty dollars a month here and on warrior it’s, selling it as twenty dollars as a front end product um.

So i mean, if i was going to buy it, then if you want to get the cheaper version, i’d. Do the warrior um warrior plus version, so let’s review this one. It’s, going to have a video. It’s, going to tell you about um how how there’s got loads of income and then basically it’s, just all the income proofs and then further down.

They’re, going to explain it a little bit more, so what you actually do, if i can kind of break it down, so it will come with a product like it comes with. I think it’s, five done for you, products yeah, so you choose one of the products and and the products also got a back end to it as well.

Yeah i’m. I’m, assuming you may have to pay a little bit extra, though, to get to get these products in the back end products as well, because you’re going to make money on both of these yeah, but so say, say you Got a product that that you can use one of theirs or you can use your own and you have a sales page.

So if somebody’s going to buy this product, they’re now, given two choices, they can either buy the product out right. Yes, they put their credit card details and buy the product out right or they can have a press.

This one of these diddly pay pro buttons and what that means in essence, that, instead of buying it, they can now share this with people. You know the amount of people that you specify three people: five people – 10 people, whatever you specify to get the product for free, so they have the choice.

Either they buy it out right or they share it with say three people or five people that they know, and then they get the product for free. As long as the person they’re sharing it with opts in and you get their name and email address, so you can see it’s, a it’s a free way or it’s an easier Way to build your list yeah, so somebody gets your product if they can share it with three or save five.

Just make the numbers easy for five people that they know now. In essence, that sounds great yeah few things that that must the person must want. They must really want your product yeah. They must have five people.

They’re gonna share it with what they’re kind of saying with the numbers, because they always try and make this stuff sound a little easier than it is. They’re, trying to say that those five people would then send it to five people and nails.

Five people sent to five people and before you know you got this big avalanche of leads because everybody’s, sharing it and you’re, getting thousands and thousands of thousands of leads, but let’s. Be honest.

Most people aren’t going to share it unless they really really want your product, and you know most people if they do want, it are just going to buy it on the front end. You know, but some will share it, and it will help you a little bit.

I think, to get some free traffic and to get some extra leads. You know, as long as the person really wants your product, so it ‘ S got to be a decent product, and i haven’t seen the products that they’re actually giving away, and it may be if you wanted to sell one of your own products.

Now this isn’t exactly a new idea. The idea has been around before there’s. Actually, a a company called up viral that actually do it that now they you pay them a lot more though there’s, a thousand dollars, i think it is to get in with up viral, but the train is a lot more in-depth.

You know because what now the idea itself would work, but you’ve got to realize it. Doesn’t solve the first problem of getting the traffic to the page to the sales page that you’re gonna sell before people can even see this diddly button.

If you don’t know how to drive traffic. Now this is where the problem comes with these things, if you don’t know how to drive traffic, you can have a beautiful page with your products sitting there with a beautiful diddly button.

Diddly pay pro button, but nobody finds this page. Unless you can drive traffic to this page, you know and most people they have this page out there and they decide where i’m, going to drive solo ads to this page and then the quality of the people on solo ads is so low.

They’re, not going to share anything. I don’t think i don’t know for sure, but the incentives is not going to be high enough. You need to with all of these things. We need to always know how to market.

So for me, this is a little bit intermediate. This is not for the complete newbie. You know is this for somebody who actually already let’s, have a look at this other page as well. So you can just see the contrast.

This is for somebody really that already knows how to market a bit. You know th. This page is saying it’s, cloud-based, which is great, so you don’t have to worry about downloading it. It adds up to 148 plus autopilot email and buy leads per day to your list.

It might do that if you can drive traffic, but really you know these numbers are just done there to make it slightly feel easier than what it really is. 100 percent full free built-in traffic included.

No, i don’t agr. You know that that there’s, not the only traffic you’re, going to get people. I have incentive enough to share it. So this is the stuff. With this sort of thing they make it sound a little too easy a little bit too newbie friendly.

You know, would it work? Well, it must work if bigger companies are out there already doing it, where you have to pay them. A thousand thousand dollars to learn it. Would it work for a complete newbie, not if they don ‘

T know how to drive traffic, because the page where your, where your product is where the product that you’ve, actually created yourself or one of the ones that you use of this diddly pay is a nice pay.

It might be a nice page, but you still need to get traffic to it. You know it’s. Like you know, whatever anything you’re selling online, you need to get traffic to it. Then this might work. Then you might get a few extra leads, because a few people might think.

Well, i’ve got 10 people that i know i’ll, just get them to i’ll share it to them, get them to opt in. Give their their name and email address and i can get this product for free. Do you know so you might get a few extra leads from it.

You don’t mean yeah, but if you know the first bit is the driving traffic to knowing how to drive traffic, which, unfortunately, as a newbie, most don’t. So this is where a lot of newbies come unstuck.

You know, but you know i mean like if, if you, if you do know how to drive traffic, then why not? You know this: it’s, not bad for twenty dollars. Twenty dollars, i think, is just the front end on on um warrior anyway.

There’s, six upsells yeah, they’ve, got um oto, one, which is ninety seven dollars, yeah, which you get five more um five more products that you can sell. Um oto two is ninety seven dollars. Yeah oto three is another.

Ninety seven dollars where you can get another niche, that you can promote, diddly pay pro review. Oto four is a hundred and ninety seven dollars. We can get some sort of traffic rotator and oto5 is you can actually make more money like they’ll? Give you a webinar that you can promote as well to make an extra five hundred dollars.

You know. So you know this is where the real money is made with this sort of stuff is on upsells. You know not so much on twenty dollars, but if you’re getting it on, if you’re getting on clickbank with twenty dollars a month, you’re, getting it in warrior.

Then it’s. It’s, a one payment, i believe, of twenty dollars. So you know that’s, my that’s, my view in it, but, like i said it, doesn’t, get away from the fact that you still need to learn how to drive traffic.

I think this is more intermediate to advanced. If you already have that, then that button, the diddly pay button that you’re, going to put on your sales page, may help you to get some viral leads yes and and build your whatever we call it viralocity or whatever.

But if you don’t know how to drive traffic, then you know really. This product is going to be a little bit over your head. I think if you’re, not if you’re a complete, complete newbie, you know anyway, listen.

I i hope that was of some value to you. I hope that helped you do you know, because this these sort of things, if what you’re actually looking for, is a way to learn how to market properly, to drive the value i mean to drive the traffic to get the leads to turn Those leads into sales, then you know – maybe i can help you with that, because i’ve, been in internet marketing, especially affiliate marketing for 10 years now, and when i first started initially, i was doing okay, i was actually getting sales, you know, but I wasn’t getting them as consistently as i am getting them now, but you know i i was actually getting cells, but then i i’d, listened to everyone else, and i and i started thinking well, i’m, Not doing what this person’s doing getting 25 000 in a day or this one 50 000 in an afternoon.

So where am i going wrong? So then? I went on this shiny object journey that i called i bought every you know all the warrior forum products, all the all the um paper clickbank. Sorry i tried this network marketing dropshipping, i tried it all and i just couldn’t make none of it work.

It was all confusing because there’s, so much information you don’t know who to follow so eventually. I thought this is too much and i gave up you know, but in that time it was a really good time for me, because everything just slowed down and i was lucky enough to meet two mentors that actually taught me the basics of marketing and um affiliate Marketing and taught me about traffic turning traffic to lee’s and turning leads into sales and doing that on a consistent basis.

You know so that’s, why i put together this free, four-part, affiliate marketing course that will help you do the same to go from where you are now to a point where you’re. Getting leads to a point where you’re, getting sales, you know and doing that on a consistent basis.

You know. So if you’re interested in seeing that, like i said there’ll, be a link below this video. You can click on that you can get completely free access to that four part: video affiliate marketing course, but either way.

I hope you got some value from this. If you did, please just take a second just give it a thumbs up, also share it with anyone else. You think might get some value from it as well. If you do have any questions anything at all, you want to talk about, then please just leave it in the comments box below bye.

Once again, thanks for listening until next time, you take care diddly pay pro review, i’ll, speak to you soon. All the best take care

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