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Beginner’s ClickBank Tutorial – FASTEST Way To $100/Day

Beginner’s ClickBank Tutorial – FASTEST Way To $100/Day post thumbnail image

Spencer from Buildapreneur shows the Beginners Guide to the fastest route for making Clickbank commissions.

I like to recommend 12Minute Affiliate for Clickbank, JVZoo and Warrior+! Click the image below for more!

Spencer goes over

           1. The Best Niches

           2. The Best Products

           3. FREE Traffic Method he uses

Below, you will find several of the tools I use to build my business!

Spencer starts by letting us know that often times the people who show LARGE earnings on Clickbank are either faking it, and he shows how, or are spending more than they make.

He goes over checking for Reviews for the products you wish to promote.

A brief overview of How to use Clickbank and what to look for.

           1. Look for something you are passionate about.

           2. Something you can blog, or Youtube about.

When in Clickbank you want to

           1.See how many products there are for your niche.

           2. Check the Gravity of that product.

                A. Higher Gravity Better product.

                 B. Over 50 is good.

                 C. High Gravity, Competitive product

Are Reviews for the product Ranking in search engines, blogging, or youtube.... if not, they have less gravity.

Go with something lower but above 50

Check Youtube for recent activity. If there are views, there is probably Hype around the product. No videos or views in years would be a bad sign.

Once you pick out a product, you want to find out if they give you assets. I.E. email swipes, banners, images.... so on...

He shows how to get your affiliate link.

He recommends opening a tracking link in Clickbank. He uses a plugin for WordPress to make the link pretty primarily because nobody wants an ugly link. I recommend LeadsLeap for link tracking. They do so much more. Check them out here...

For more advanced Tracking, I recommend ClickMagick.

Spencer recommends a way to gain FREE Traffic using TikTok. I do not personally use this method. I build my list using GetResponse.

I don't recommend starting out with FREE Traffic. Rather, I recommend you spend a few bucks at a time on traffic through Udimi. Check them out below...

Spencer goes over How to use TikTok and how to monetize.

He recommends to build an email list. I use GetResponse seen above.

He briefly touches on How to build a funnel... using Click Funnels. I recommend $5 Friday plus a couple of upgrades and you are set and on your way. This gives more flexibility to be able to build you funnels and such. Click below!

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