Affiliate Marketing For Newbies by John Crestani

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To get my take on the Video above, read on.

Just a quick note,, I recommend John's Live Webinar Just below... 

Meet John Crstani as he dives into how to start Affiliate Marketing for Newbies, and how to do it for FREE!

The first step is to Join an Affiliate Site. He recommends Amazon and Clickbank.

I do not recommend Amazon for beginners as they require you to make a sale in a specific amount of time and will monitor how you are doing along the way. If you do not meet their criteria, they will remove your Account.

I recommend Clickbank as most of the items on Clickbank do not require approval to promote. Simply grab a link and fire away.

John goes over how to find a product to sell and very basic information on how to sell that product.

For more in depth get his free webinar linked in the pic above, and HERE!!

John goes over how to use Amazon in detail, he does, however say that the best way to make money online is to sell Business Opportunity Products. That would be on Clickbank.

He then explains how you make money being an affiliate, and how affiliate links work.

He touches briefly on sending an email. I prefer to gather e-mails through Getresponse then have a list I can send my promotions to.

I recommend building a list and I recommend GetResponse as it is the most Affiliate Friendly and easy to use. I recommend $5 Friday's Profit System, with a few upgrades to get your Affiliate Marketing Ball rolling!

John goes over how to recommend products on Facebook and through emailing friends. But I recommend doing it a bit differently, as mentioned above, I gather emails by promoting landing pages,  and then can promote affiliate products to my list over and over.

Check out John’s FREE Webinar above for more details on how to make money online!

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