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Hi there manuel here – and you probably found this video because you’re. Looking into this, the fast track. Yeah, you’re, looking for 1k a day fast track review or you’re. Just look doing some research.

You found it, you think, is it for me um it’s also called the 1k fast track system as well. So you know it does it does kind of go by by those two names you know, but i am going to get into that review in a second.

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You can click on that, get completely free access to that four part. Video course all right, so let’s get started so the fast tracks. This is called the 1k a day system, the fast tracks, because this, the per the guy here his name’s, um melvin holmes, make sure i’m.

Getting this right. Actually um merlin homes yeah his name’s. Merlin holmes is saying that he’s. Gon na he can teach you a system to make a thousand dollars a day. Yeah he’s, which is a decent amount.

I mean you know that that’s, that’s, a decent amount of money. You know um because he he’s tested and he’s tweaked and he’s, been in in marketing himself. For a few years – and he found the solution and he’s now making what’s this, how he earns up to 14 000 per day just been sending a quick email to people who visit my odd two-page website.

And now you can get a copy of everything i use for this. What it is it’s, it’s, a clickbank product, and when you go to it, you you register via this and it’s, a webinar. It’s about an hour and a bits webinar and where he’s, going to kind of talk you through some of the differences that he he believes that he can show you to actually make affiliate marketing work.

His little tweaks on on certain things is that he says traffic. One people are paying too much for traffic in this industry and, secondly, they’re, doing things wrong, as in they’re, trying to give away something for free.

He’s saying you know: why should you go out there and and make a book or whatever or take all that time to give away something for free when you should be doing it a different way and hit the way he proposes? Is that you use like polling opt-in pages so like say, for example, you get to to an opt-in page where it says, would you like to lose weight? Yes or no so the person pre-qualifies themselves first and then, if they say yes, then you send them to affiliate products.

So like clickbank products in that weight, loss niche, you know so you’ll. Have you & # 39? Ll? Have products already pre-ready to go and if they say yes, they’re interested in weight loss, then they’ll, be shown the product and he he thinks that’s.

One way around of of you keep creating free content to give away to people to build your list in exchange. You know. The other thing he says is about traffic most people when they first get into affiliate marketing.

They’re, told to do facebook, ads, google ads and maybe solo ads as well. Do you know what i mean so those things can add up. He’s, saying like especially facebook, sort of money. You can pay, for those sort of ads can really go through the roof, so he’s now proposing that you use what we call second-tier ad networks, and one of them is here this one’s called adrev what they are in Essence is that you know you can pay ad rev address has a big following of all these different sites, and they can put your ads on all these really really big sites yeah and it costs a lot lot cheaper that the clicks and everything’S a lot cheaper than say trying to trying to work out facebook ads or google ads.

You know these are some of the sites that potentially you can get your ads on and they’re big sites yeah. So it’s. Things like fox music, universal time life, you know and all this sort of thing, so he’s saying he uses these second-tier networks like this and maybe um the other one was rev um web content.

So he’s, saying he’s using these and his return on his investment is massive and he can teach you how to do this. You know so in you know in essence, it’s. It’s. Affiliate marketing with a little spin instead of using opt-in pages using these polling pages instead of using what most affiliate marketers are told to do and go and do solo ads.

He’s. Using these these second-tier ad networks which do work, they do do work. You know, but here’s here’s, the rub. I i think he’s been in doing it long enough. He sounds honest enough. I watched the webinar sounds honest enough, so he potentially can help you to do it.

It does cost 997 dollars to actually get inside into the program. Do you know he says he can help you with all the stuff that he’s saying so. It is quite an expensive program: it’s, the top it’s, a top tier type program.

But the thing you also have to remember is that ad networks, uh, is paid advertising, so you are gonna, be having to put some money in to test and tweak and get the right audience the thing about paid advertising.

Is you got ta, get the right message to the right audience to then get that audience the right type of audience that then willing to buy your products? And then, when you get all of that working, then you can ramp up the amount of money that you’re spending on it, but to get all that work in usually costs a bit of money 500 to a thousand dollars, usually any paid advertising Campaign i’ve ever tried to do is usually you’re gonna have to spend a bit of money because it it doesn’t just mean that you go and you go and you put put an ad and It goes on fox music and you’re.

Just gonna make money. No do you know because neces, not necessarily if somebody came to fox music, are they looking to potentially say lose weight? They might see your ad, they might click on it. They might go to one of these polling pages, they might even press yes, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they were out there looking for something to buy, they might say: yes, they might go end up on a sales page and they think well.

What am i doing here, you’re, still going to have to learn how to take the the person and get them give them value so that they tend to they. They know how to yeah. Then they know you like you and trust you.

So i lose my words there. You know you’re still gonna have to build that relationship. I still think that’s, it that’s. The missing piece, sometimes with these things they’re, not showing you how to build a relationship.

I mean i don’t. I don’t deny that if you follow his training, he’s, probably going to help you. You know, but i just think, like these sort of things do miss out sometimes on the building of the relationship.

If you’re building a list more important than just building the list is knowing how do i get that list to know me like me and trust me that’s, the most important thing you know what i mean. So you know that that’s, my kind of temperance on this.

It is a top tier products. It’s, almost a thousand dollars, and if you want to have a look at it, it’s called the 1k fast track to system. Do you know me personally what i can personally help you with? Is that bit i’m talking about and helping you take a prospect to a buyer by building value.

You know i mean that’s, the things that i’ve learned in affiliate marketing and that’s. What’s turned my things around in affiliate marketing and that’s. Why i put together this four-part affiliate marketing course that will teach you the essentials of that teach you about traffic.

You know, yes, you can get traffic from paid traffic. Um ways, but also it’s. It’s good to get traffic where the person ‘ S actually put their hand up and says. I’m looking to buy something already that’s more than pre-qualified.

You know i mean, rather than sort of this isn’t 100 qualified. I don’t think you know, i mean just pressing a yes on a poll. Doesn’t necessarily mean i want to buy anything. You know so yeah like i said it will teach you about the traffic getting the right types of people to the right to the right types of offers, so turning traffic into leads and then turning leads into sales and doing that on a consistent basis.

So that’s, why i put together this four part course, if it’s, something that you may want to have a look at, i’m, going to leave a link below this video. You can click on that. You get completely free access to that four-part, affiliate marketing course.

You know, but either way. I hope you got some value from this. If you did please take a second just give it a thumbs up or just share it with anyone else. You think mike gets the value from as well. If you have any questions, any comments are told, and please just take a second and just leave it in the comments box below all right.

Once again, thanks for listening to my 1k a day fast track review until next time, you take care speak soon, all the best take

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